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  • Katy & Cypress Climate Controlled Storage

    Houston Mini Storage features climate-controlled units that are ideal for storing electronics, wood furniture, fabrics, artwork and other valuable items that could be susceptible to mold, warping, corrosion or other damage associated with humidity and temperature extremes. If you need extra space for your home or office, climate controlled storage units may be exactly what you need...

  • Spring Branch Mini Storage

    Storage units can provide solutions to a number of your personal or professional space saving needs. Whether you are travelling, in the military, a student, remodeling, in transition, moving or just need to eliminate clutter and free up some extra space in your home or office, our Spring Branch storage facilities can help. With affordable storage unit facilities ranging in size...

  • Cypress Self Storage

    Choosing the right offsite storage location for your needs can be a major task. One of your first considerations may be how far the facility is from your current home or office. A conveniently located storage unit will be easier to access when you need it unlike a distant facility that may end up becoming a chore to visit. We offer Katy self storage, Cypress self storage...

  • Katy Mini Storage

    Our self storage units are secure and include such security features as alarms, electronic gates and 24/7 security monitoring. We ensure you have easy access to your property when you need it, and our climate controlled facilities can protect even the most fragile or delicate items from potentially damaging temperature extremes. If you need storage facilities for your motorcycles, ATVs,...

Katy Self Mini Storage

Katy Self Mini Storage | Climate Controlled Units AvailableWhen it comes to using our climate controlled  Katy mini storage, your self storage possibilities are virtually limitless. We have the extra space that can accommodate all your personal or business slef storage needs. Whether you are seeking to eliminate clutter from your home or office, remodeling, are moving or are in transition, our Katy Mini Storage facility can provide you with plenty of solutions.

Katy Self Storage  

Cypress Self Storage & Mini Storage

Cypress Katy Spring Branch Self Mini StorageCypress self storage units and facilities can be extremely beneficial whether you are moving, in transition or simply need extra space in the Cypress area. We understand that you have specific self storage needs, and we have designed our Cypress mini storage facilities to address those accordingly. We have a convenient range of mini storage unit sizes (including multiple sizes that are climate controlled) which you can use to store household items or business equipment and records.

Cypress Mini Storage  


Need Extra Space? Consider a Self Storage, Climate Controlled Unit.

Katy, Cypress, Spring Branch Climate Controlled, Self Mini StorageSelf storage or mini storage units can provide easy, cost efficient solutions for those with busy lives who need simple, easy ways to pare down and remove clutter from their home, garage or office. Whether you need more space to store off-season clothing, decorations, furnishings, documents or even vehicles, we can help. We have multiple locations throughout the Houston area, including Katy self storage, three (3) locations in Cypress for self storage (Langham Creek, Huffmeister, and Fairfield), Bear Creek self storage and Spring Branch self storage, to ensure you can enjoy easier access to your property whenever you need it.

Climate Controlled Storage Units for the Spring Branch, Katy, & Cypress TX Areas

Temperature extremes have the potential to damage certain types of belongings. Documents, financial records, artwork, electronics and vehicles can be safely stored in any of our Spring Branch, Cypress and Katy climate controlled storage facilities. Multiple size storage units are available at all facilities.

We are an accredited business and our convenient storage unit rental options include affordable month-to-month leases and no deposit down. Call us today to learn more about your options for offsite storage.

Six Houston Area Locations