Katy Self Storage

If you are preparing to move, you will likely need to use Katy self storage units to keep your items safe until they are ready to be put in your new home. However, it may be hard to decide what kind of storage unit you need. To keep your possessions in good condition, certain items should be put into Katy climate controlled storage.

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on Household Items

When it is too cold or hot outside, we typically go inside where temperatures are more regulated. What we don’t often think about is that objects are also affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity both affect the amount of moisture that can get into your belongings. Moisture, or a lack of moisture, can affect the condition of things like electronics or furniture. For example, have you ever noticed that a door in your home gets stuck a lot during the summer? This is because it soaks in excess moisture.

Too little moisture can have the opposite effect. Things like wood and leather can dry and crack if the environment is too dry. Therefore, it is important that the climate where you store your items is controlled and consistent. So, when you are looking at Katy mini storage, consider which items need storage and whether they will be changed by climate fluctuations.

Items that Need Katy Climate Controlled Storage

Keep in mind that climate controlled Katy self storage can benefit anything in your home. However, certain items are at a higher risk of changing in condition due to moisture. Some common items include:

  • Anything made of wood, metal, or leather
  • Electronics
  • Important papers like birth certificates
  • Pictures and artwork
  • Appliances

With these items in mind, you can better determine which objects need climate controlled storage. A good rule is, if you aren’t sure, it’s probably best to protect the item with consistent temperature and humidity. After all, if something doesn’t necessarily require it, climate control certainly can’t hurt. This way, you can have peace of mind that your items are guarded against deterioration.

At Houston Mini Storage, we offer a range of self-storage units, including climate controlled units. Our 24-hour security monitoring and electronic gate let you rest at ease that your items are safe. Give us a call today at (281) 398-3332 to schedule a tour of our facility or to discuss our available units. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.