Katy Self Storage

Finding the right strategies for managing relocations across town or across the country is absolutely essential to make the moving process easier. In many cases, your Katy self storage company will be able to provide moving boxes, storage space and other helpful tools to help make your move more easily. Follow a few tips to help you manage the moving process in the best way possible.

Pack Only the Essentials

While your Katy climate controlled storage unit may be a great place to keep furnishings and boxes of old clothes, you may wish to consider getting rid of some of the outdated items from your wardrobe. This will clear space inside your storage unit for more useful items and articles of clothing and will often help you to manage your move more efficiently.

Donate Excess Items

Many organizational experts recommend giving away things that you no longer love or use. If you can’t quite bring yourself to part with some items, it might be worth taking them to your Cypress climate controlled storage facility. This is especially helpful if you are moving within the metropolitan area. If you don’t miss the items for six months to a year, you can safely donate them to a charity of your choice.

Hang on to Your Electronics

Cables, chargers and other items that do not have an identified function should still be kept in storage or packed for your move. In many cases, these devices and connectors are needed to power electronic items you may have forgotten about or misplaced. By keeping these items together during your relocation process, you will increase your odds of maintaining the usefulness of your electronic items now and in the future.

Prioritize Packing and Unpacking

In most cases, it makes sense to pack seldom-used items up first and place them in your Katy self storage unit. Marking these boxes with a clear list of contents and keeping like items together is a good strategy when storing items in your local self storage facility. For items you use frequently, carry-on bags and duffel bags are practical solutions that offer easy access to toothbrushes and personal care items while allowing you to pack up for your move in advance.

At Houston Mini Storage, we offer the Houston, Cypress, Spring Branch and Katy self storage solutions you and your family need to streamline the relocation process. We have six family-owned locations in the Houston metropolitan area, which ensures the greatest convenience for all our customers. Give us a call today at 281-398-3322 to request more information or to reserve a unit from us. The team at Houston Mini Storage is here to serve you now and in the future.