Katy Climate Controlled Storage

Living in a studio apartment in the Houston area requires organization and creativity. To be more comfortable, consider renting a Katy climate controlled storage unit to be able to keep belongings that you like without cluttering your living space. You can use the unit for items such as sports equipment, seasonal clothing or furniture. Following a few tips about how to maximize space in a studio apartment will help you create an attractive, spacious living area.


The first step in maximizing space is to get rid of clutter. Try a minimalist decorative scheme that emphasizes clean lines. Keeping furnishings to a minimum opens up floor space to let you move freely, which gives a small room a spacious feeling.

Keep items you use in bins, boxes and baskets so they are out of sight but accessible. Look for storage containers that complement your décor. Use dual-purpose furniture, such as beds with under-bed storage or shelving that can double as a room divider.

Put off-season goods in your Katy self storage unit. As the weather changes, exchange your current wardrobe with next season’s clothing. You will love the extra closet space. Use your Katy mini storage unit for seasonal heating and cooling equipment, such as space heaters, fans and portable air conditioners.

Use a Neutral Color Palette

Light colors reflect light and make a space feel bigger. Using two or three neutral colors creates a sense of cohesiveness. To avoid monotony, use pops of color for accent pieces, lampshades, upholstery or area rugs. Use mirrors to reflect light, which makes the space look bigger. At night, mirrors reflect lamplight, creating a cozy glow.

Focus on Windows

If you are fortunate enough to have large windows, make use of natural daylight. An easy way to refresh the look of your studio without adding clutter is to change window dressings and accessories throughout the year. Different colors and textures of curtains can transform the look of an interior. Adding decorative pillows in complementary patterns and colors adds interest to a room. Keep extra curtains, throw pillows and area rugs in a Katy climate controlled storage unit to protect them from heat and moisture.

Houston Mini Storage offers storage units in Katy and other communities throughout the Houston area. Our Katy self storage units are conveniently situated just a few blocks from the Katy Freeway on Fry Road. Security includes 24-hour video monitoring, electronic access gates and a well-lit perimeter. We offer Katy climate controlled storage units in several sizes. Our staff can help you select a unit that suits your storage needs. For more information, call (281) 398-3332.