Cypress Climate Controlled Storage

Marie Kondo has attracted a loyal following thanks to her approach to organizing and decluttering spaces. The KonMari method uses a joy-based approach to determine which items to keep and which to move to Cypress climate controlled storage or to get rid of altogether. Here are some of the most important principles of the KonMari method for tidying and organizing your Cypress home.

The Six Rules of the KonMari Method

Most devotees of the KonMari Method begin by implementing the six rules outlined by Marie Kondo in her books and television programs. These rules include the following:

1. Make a commitment to tidying your home.

2. Start by imagining your ideal lifestyle.

3. Discard or move unwanted or extraneous items to your Cypress mini storage unit for further evaluation.

4. Tidy and organize items by type and not by where they are located within your home.

5. Use the proper order when organizing and tidying.

6. Ask yourself if each item you are considering sparks joy for you or a family member.

These initial steps will provide you with the right attitude and the proper tools to begin organizing and cleaning the spaces inside your home.

Five Basic Categories of Items

The five types of items that are most commonly included in KonMari Method organizations consist of the following categories:




Sentimental items


Marie Kondo recommends making piles of each of these types of items and then going through them one at a time to determine which items bring you joy. By discarding or moving to your Cypress self storage facility all those clothes, books and other items that are not conductive to a joyful lifestyle, the KonMari Method will help you to create a streamlined and pared-down environment that requires less upkeep and generates more happiness for you and your family.

Optimizing Space After Your Tidying Project

For items that you cannot quite part with but that do not belong in your home at the moment, your Cypress climate controlled storage unit is an ideal compromise solution. By storing your items in these facilities, you can preserve them while gaining some perspective on how to deal with them in the future. This can help you to make the most practical use of space within your home and to create the most joyful surroundings possible for you and your family.

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