Spring Branch Mini Storage

Determining whether cardboard boxes or plastic containers are better suited to your moving needs will help you to make the most practical investments for your upcoming move. Both of these container types offer certain advantages depending on your needs. Choosing the right option will ensure the best outcomes for your relocation to a new home or a Spring Branch mini storage unit. Here are some of the most important benefits and drawbacks of plastic containers and cardboard boxes for making your big move.

Cardboard Boxes Are Easy to Handle

Cardboard boxes are designed to stack easily and fit against each other without gaps. This gives them the edge for use in Spring Branch self storage units over plastic containers, which are not usually designed for stacking or saving space. Cardboard boxes are the best option for many moving-day challenges.

Cardboard Boxes Are Recyclable

While plastic boxes are reusable, cardboard boxes are both reusable and recyclable. This will allow you to deal with disposing of these moving materials in a practical and green-friendly way. Overall, cardboard offers superior environmental protection over the use of plastic containers for moving and storage.

Plastic Containers Are Airtight

For items that need absolute protection against moisture and insect infestations, sealable plastic containers offer significant advantages over cardboard boxes. Sealing the lids securely on the plastic containers keeps belongings safe and secure inside your Spring Branch mini storage unit.

Both Cardboard and Plastic Containers Can Be Labeled

Before moving your items to your Cypress climate controlled storage facility, label your cardboard boxes and plastic containers. Labelling helps you to find the items you need more easily. This will save you time and effort when retrieving seasonal items for use throughout the year.

Plastic Containers Require Less Equipment

Cardboard boxes typically require tape and box cutters at a minimum to store and retrieve items when they are needed. Keeping this equipment in your storage unit could save time and effort when unpacking and packing your items. Plastic containers do not require any special equipment to open and close securely. This is easier and saves time in obtaining the necessary materials for your packing project.

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