Houston Mini Storage Supplies

If you are looking for a reliable self storage space in Katy, Texas, there are several things to keep in mind as you select a facility. You want your goods to be safe and accessible while they are stored. Fragile items that can be affected by humidity or temperature fluctuations can be kept safe in a Katy climate controlled storage unit. Planning ahead and checking the facility’s security measures will help keep your belongings in good shape. Here are a few helpful tips about renting a Katy mini storage unit.

Plan Ahead

If you know when you will need a self storage unit in Katy, reserve your space early. Talk with the on-site staff at Houston Mini Storage about sizes of units available. Some, such as boat, RV or summer college storage units, may not be available during certain seasons. We can recommend an appropriate size and let you know about availability to help you get what you need.

Scrutinize Security Measures

Our security measures include electronic gated access, 24-hour security cameras and an on-site staff. In addition, the grounds and units are well-lit. We also recommend additional security measures to foil thieves. Instead of standard padlocks, we suggest more effective locking systems that are difficult to cut or pry open. These include locks without exposed hasps and those made of hardened steel.

A simple trick to thwart thieves is to store expensive goods at the back of the unit. Pack electronics or other valuables in plain boxes so they are not easily identifiable. Stack boxes and furniture around them to make access more difficult. The more time it takes to break into and remove goods from a unit, the less likely a thief will be to take the risk.

Protect Belongings with Climate Control

In the Houston area, humidity can lead to mold on cloth, photographs, books and other materials. Wood may warp from humidity or extremes of temperature. Condensation can ruin electronics and appliances. Houston Mini Storage offers Katy climate controlled storage units that provide temperature and humidity control throughout the year.

Update Insurance

When renting a Katy self storage unit, insuring personal items is the renter’s responsibility. Although we protect the grounds and buildings, we do not protect items stored. If you want to insure your belongings, check whether your homeowners or renters insurance policy covers off-site storage. Be sure to read the fine print. Check to see if you have a replacement or cash-value policy. A replacement policy costs more but may be of better value if you have to replace goods. High-dollar items such as art may require additional coverage.

We offer insurance policies to those who rent from us. Ask us about the terms of the policy to understand how your goods are protected in Katy climate controlled storage units.

For more information about storing your belongings successfully in Katy mini storage, call (281) 398-3332.