Katy Self Storage

Spring is the perfect time to get rid of clutter and to organize your home to get ready for the year ahead. Your Katy self storage facility will provide you with a convenient place to store your excess furnishings and other items for the upcoming summer months. Knowing what to toss, what to store and what to keep on hand will help you enjoy a clean and organized space throughout the year.

Superseded Technology

Outdated computers, cell phones and chargers and antiquated video equipment should typically be discarded or donated. As technology continues to advance, the usefulness of these older devices and equipment is unlikely to return. Recycling, donating or simply throwing these items away will free up space in your home.

Outdated Cosmetics

Sunscreen, foundation and eye makeup can expire or become breeding grounds for bacteria. Throwing out old cosmetics and skin care treatments clears away clutter and protects your health and well-being now and in the future.

Winter Coats

With warmer temperatures on the way, pack up your coats and winter gear for the season. Making a trip to your Katy self storage or Cypress mini storage facility can free up space inside your closets. This simple step allows you to make room for season appropriate clothing that you will actually need and use.

Kitchen Gear

Over time, most of us accumulate several sets of china, pots and silverware. Sorting through and discarding broken items will declutter your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Usable sets can be donated to a local charity or moved to your Cypress climate controlled storage unit until they are needed once more.

Towels and Bed Linens

Tears, rips and fraying are common signs of aging towels, sheets and blankets. These items can be discarded or repurposed as cleaning rags for your home or vehicle.

Outdated or Unworn Clothes

A good rule of thumb is to discard or donate clothing that has not been worn or used for at least a year. This will free up space in your closets and make the clothes you actually wear more visible and accessible.

The climate controlled storage units at Houston Mini Storage will provide you with the space you need to seasonal items on a temporary basis. We have locations in Cypress, Bear Creek, Katy and Spring Branch. Give us a call today to reserve a Katy self storage unit or to discuss your space requirements with us. We are here to serve you.