Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

Moving is stressful. Whether you are shifting to a new home in Houston, downsizing after children leave or remodeling your existing home, packing, transporting and unpacking belongings is nerve-racking. One way to minimize disruption during the process is to use a Katy climate controlled storage facility to organize and protect your belongings. As you pack, here are a few tips provided by professional movers for a safe, efficient move.

Plan Ahead

As moving day gets closer, make a detailed plan to keep you focused. Call moving companies to get bids about prices and services. The lowest bid may not be the best option. Visit the moving company’s office to meet their staff. Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded.

Ask what services the company provides for the rate they charge. If they only load and unload, you must complete all the packing before they arrive. If you want them to pack for you, the price will go up.

Sort goods into those you need on a daily basis, those you may need soon after the move and those you may not need for a while. Pack up off-season clothes, seldom-used furniture and other belongings that you will not need immediately and take them to a Katy self storage unit to get them out of the way while you complete your packing.

Be Ready for Moving Day

If the movers only load and unload, make sure everything is organized and ready to go. Label boxes by room and identify the contents. This will help you and the movers sort your goods as they are brought into your new home.

If you take some of your belongings to a storage facility, labeling will help you find things if you need them in the interim. Consider whether some stored goods require humidity and temperature control. Houston Mini Storage offers three Cypress climate controlled storage facilities and one Katy climate controlled storage facility.

Disassemble furniture and wrap pieces in bubble wrap. Stack boxes against walls so the movers can move easily in the rooms. Identify fragile items so they can load them carefully. Although they need you to be nearby, try to keep out of their way so they can do the job they are trained to do.

Move Efficiently Into the New Space

To help your movers load and unload efficiently, arrange logistics beforehand. Make sure there is a place to park the truck at your old location and at the new one. Give them your mobile number so they can reach you if you are not present at all times during the move. Help them identify which rooms boxes and appliances go in as they unload.

The professional staff at Houston Mini Storage can help you organize your move. We can recommend a suitably sized unit for your goods and help you determine whether a Katy climate controlled storage is required. Call (281) 398-3332 to talk to a Katy self storage representative or (281) 345-1116 for more information about Cypress climate controlled storage units.