Katy Self Storage

Self storage provides an easy solution for a number of space-saving needs. Whether you need seasonal storage, boat storage or storage for office materials, Katy self storage facilities offer storage solutions in the Houston area. As you evaluate your storage needs, remember that each unit can be packed in a way that uses both floor space and vertical space.

Evaluating Your Storage Needs

Units vary in size from 5 feet by 5 feet to 12 feet by 35 feet depending on the location and unit you choose. Vertical space adds approximately 8 to 10 feet of head room that can accommodate tall items, including mattresses, furniture and vehicles.

If you are unsure of how much space you need, a Katy self storage professional can help you select a unit. They can also provide recommendations of ways to pack and organize your belongings so that the contents of your two-bedroom house will actually fit into a 10-by-15-foot unit.

Packing Your Goods

Katy self storage facilities sell moving supplies to simplify packing. Sturdy boxes can be stacked safely. Label each box with the specific contents so items are easy to find when you need them. Completely fill each box to prevent boxes from collapsing during storage.

If possible, dismantle furniture. Wrap each piece in protective covering, such as blankets, heavy-duty plastic or bubble wrap. Place screws and small pieces in plastic bags, and tape them to the larger pieces so they are easy to find later.

Packing the Unit

There are several tricks to getting the most out of the space of your unit. Measure large pieces to make sure they will fit in the unit. Store large or seldom-used items at the back. Stand tall pieces upright to make use of the vertical space. Shelves and the tops of dressers or large appliances can be used to stack boxes and other items.

Place belongings that you may need first towards the front. Leave a path through the space for easy access to items at the back and sides. As you stack boxes, place heavier and larger boxes toward the bottom. Place lighter and smaller boxes higher up. If possible, pack with boxes of the same size so that they fit together evenly and stack safely. Use a step stool to place boxes higher up.

Climate Controlled Options

If you have goods that require humidity and temperature stability, our Katy climate controlled storage units and three Cypress climate controlled storage facilities offer this option.

Security measures include 24-hour video surveillance, electronic gates, alarms and on-site managers. If your home needs decluttering, if you are moving or if you need a temporary storage solution, call 281-398-3332 to speak to the Katy self storage professional staff to find out more about storage options.