Katy Self Storage

Moving large items in cramped quarters can be a difficult proposition. Knowing some of the tricks of the trade can help you when moving in to a new residence or when moving things into your Katy climate controlled storage unit. Some strategies used by professionals can help you move even the most unwieldy items with added ease.

Measure Twice, Move Once

Adapting the popular do-it-yourself adage to moving, it is always preferable to measure an item several times than to make assumptions that it will fit through tight spaces. It is important to take accurate measurements of items that might be difficult to move through hallways, doorways, or other small spaces in your home. This will allow you to determine whether these items require dismantling before they can be moved to or from your interior space.

Disassemble Where Possible

In some cases, sofa legs, table legs and other elements of your home furnishings can be removed to allow an easier move. Make sure to label and bag all components of your furniture to allow for easy reassembly later on. You can also remove the hinges from doors to provide you with almost an inch of added space. This small amount of added space can make a real difference when transferring large and bulky items from your home to your Katy self storage unit.

Enlist the Right Help

Moving heavy furniture, appliances and artwork can be a real challenge. Making sure you have plenty of help in moving these objects into your Katy climate controlled storage unit can prevent damage to your possessions while minimizing physical strain as well. This can be especially important when stairs or doorways are involved. An extra set of hands can provide the support needed to navigate through these areas without injuries or damage to your valuable items.

Create a Buffer Zone

Blankets or cardboard can be used to provide protection for walls and furnishings during your big move. This can also allow these items to slide more easily along walls, floors and stairs to make your move safer and more convenient. For very narrow fits, cardboard is preferable as a buffer to cloth blankets because of its thinner profile and more rigid structure.

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