Along with reading and writing, children need to acquire life skills to succeed in the modern world. Cleaning up after themselves and organizing their belongings can be good first steps toward a tidier room and a more organized life. Parents can help by providing guidance when children are young on which items can be placed in Kathy climate controlled storage and which should be stored closer to home. Here are some tips on teaching children to declutter and organize their rooms.

The Three-Pile Rule

Most experts in the field of household organization recommend dividing all items in a room into three piles rather than just taking everything to a Katy self storage facility:

  • Items to keep
  • Items to donate or throw away
  • Items to store

Items that should be donated or tossed are among the easiest to manage. In most cases, they can be put directly into trash bags or boxes and moved out of your home immediately. Sports equipment, winter coats and summer gear are among the most common items that should be stored in a Katy of Cypress self storage unit until they are needed once more. For things that your child wants to keep, a few additional questions may be required to help them declutter their spaces more effectively:

  • Is this something you use regularly?
  • Is it something to which you feel emotionally attached?
  • Do you need it and why?

If the answer to these questions is no, helping your child to donate these items can reduce clutter that can complicate cleaning and straightening processes. For toys and other belongings that your child may not be sure about giving up permanently, a trip to your Katy climate controlled storage facility can provide a little added perspective for your child on whether these items could find a better home if they were donated to your favorite charity.

Provide the Right Storage

Creating customized storage options for your children inside their rooms can also help them to avoid clutter and to keep only those things they use regularly and really love. One good rule of thumb is to limit the number of toys and other items to the space available for storage and display. Reducing the number of items your children have to pick up and put away on a daily basis can free up more time for play, study and family activities. This can also provide your child with the skills needed to organize their possessions at home, at school and in other areas of their lives.

Kath climate controlled storage can provide the right solutions for short and long-term storage for families in Houston, Katy, Cypress and Spring Branch, Texas. We provide climate-controlled units at affordable prices to ensure the greatest convenience and security for you. Call us today to discuss your needs with our friendly and courteous staff members. We look forward to helping you organize your home.