Your storage boxes can be used for much more than just moving or organizing things in your Cypress self-storage unit. These versatile containers can be used to construct playhouses and other entertaining environments for your kids, allowing you to foster a sense of wonder and a vivid imagination in these young minds. Here are four of the most creative ways to repurpose storage boxes for playtime fun.

Constructing a Castle

A castle big enough to play inside may require several storage boxes and some creative cutting and taping. Cutting turrets, windows and a drawbridge that folds out and can be lifted with strings can help your child explore his or her own imaginary world of knights and dragons and to recreate favorite fairy tales. A little tempera paint can allow your children to express their artistic creativity by decorating and customizing their castle before play begins.

Building a Farm 

Cardboard storage boxes from your Katy self storage unit can also be used to create a miniature farm for your child’s stuffed animals. Barns, stalls, coops and a farmhouse can all be constructed from larger boxes left over from moving. These temporary structures can provide your child with hours of imaginative play in your own home and can be taken outside on sunny days for even more fun.

Lining Up a Train

If you have several boxes left over from your last trip to your Katy climate controlled storage unit, you can help your child construct a brightly colored train complete with engine and caboose. Cardboard pipes, tempera paint and string to hold the cars together is all that is required to help your child play conductor in their very own bedroom or playroom.

Assembling a Spaceship

Boxes of different sizes can provide the building blocks for a rocket or spaceship sure to provide your aspiring astronaut with hours of imaginative play. Aluminum foil can be used to cover the outside of these creations, which can be equipped with a printed console and a viewport on the inside for an immersive experience that can reinforce your child’s love of science.

If you need extra space for your child’s storage-box creations, Houston Mini Storage can provide you with the right solutions for organizing and decluttering your home. We have branches located in Cypress, Katy and Spring Branch, Texas, to ensure the greatest convenience for you and your family. Houston Mini Storage also offers a wide range of packing and storage boxes ideal for moving or for use in an array of household applications. Call us today to learn more about our Katy, Spring Branch and Cypress self storage facilities. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.