Glass table tops can offer a touch of elegance for homes and businesses. These additions to your interior décor can be tricky to safely move to your Katy self storage unit for short-term or long-term storage. Here are two of the most practical and popular ways for packing your glass table top for a trip to the storage facility in safety.

The Bubble-Wrap Method

If you have access to plenty of bubble wrap, you may be able to use this method to transport and store your glass table top. This method also works for larger mirrors and other glass items that require a little extra care during transport to your Katy mini storage unit.

  • Completely cover both sides of the wrapped glass with brown packing paper. Use masking tape to secure the paper in place without getting any tape on the glass itself. This can save time on cleaning later on.
  • Use several layers of bubble wrap to encase the table top completely. Secure the bubble wrap in place with tape to ensure that it stays in place throughout the journey.
  • If you have a cardboard box of the appropriate dimensions, slide your tabletop into the box and seal it with packing tape.
  • You can also purchase a box of the appropriate size at most stores that sell moving supplies. Alternatively, you may be able to make your own box from a larger box that you already have on hand.
  • Clearly mark the outer surface of the box with the word FRAGILE and a description of its contents.

The Blankets-and-Box Method

Another method for transporting your glass table tops is by wrapping them in blankets or comforters. You will need several extra blankets for this method. Plan on a thickness of at least two blankets on all sides of your table top. Be sure you can do without the blankets you choose. They will likely be out of commission until you retrieve your table top from storage.

  • Remove the glass table top from its base and wrap it carefully in blankets. If desired, bubble wrap can also be used to provide added cushioning for your glass table top and to ensure that the wrapped object fits neatly into its container.
  • Slide the wrapped glass item into a box as close in size as you can find to the size and dimensions of your table top. You can buy these boxes at your moving supply store or make your own from a larger box you already have on hand.
  • Mark the box with the word FRAGILE and transport it carefully to your Katy self storage unit.

Most experts recommend choosing Katy climate controlled storage for glass, furniture and other valuables. Consistent temperatures and humidity levels can provide added protection for these items.

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