Beginning a new life together is an amazing adventure for any couple. Deciding what to bring with you to your new home and which items should be placed in your Katy climate controlled storage unit can ensure that you and your partner get off to the best possible start. Here are some tips for deciding what to store and what to take along when combining households after your wedding.

Consider the Condition of Like Items

If you and your new spouse each have a sofa, television set or bedroom suite, taking a hard look at the condition and age of these items can help you decide on the most practical choice for your new home. Older items can go into your Katy self storage unit or can be prepared for donation or disposal, allowing you to streamline the process of consolidating two households into one.

Create Individual Spaces

In any relationship, there will be points of contention. Arranging for separate spaces within your shared home can ensure that there is room for your favorite chair, artwork or rug even if your spouse does not appreciate these items. By establishing a private space for yourself and your partner, you can express your own aesthetics while meeting in the middle throughout the rest of the house.

Be Ready to Compromise

If you and your new spouse are at odds over which items to bring along and which to discard or store in your Katy mini storage unit, it might be worthwhile to meet in the middle. For example, if you and your spouse are both committed to keeping your own beds, purchasing a new one that suits you both and selling the excess beds could be a solid investment in marital harmony.

Choose a Common Theme

Determining a color scheme and design theme for your new home can make some choices easier. If you and your new partner can agree on a cool or neutral color scheme to follow throughout your interior design, furnishings that do not fit with this theme can easily be ruled out and replaced. This can reduce arguments and disagreements and can help you make the most effective use of your resources and space when decorating your new home.

Investing in a Katy climate controlled storage unit can help you and your new spouse to consolidate two homes into one more easily. By storing furnishings and other items in these facilities until you make a final decision on what to do with them, you can keep your options open and can enjoy the greatest possible flexibility when merging two households into one after your wedding.