Summer Clothes - Storage

During the process of decluttering your home, you can often identify things that can be put into storage for later use. Organizing the items inside your Katy mini storage unit can help you find the items you need and can ensure the best use of the available space in these facilities. Here are five tips for increasing the organization of your Katy self storage unit for greater convenience and practicality.

Label Containers

By placing similar items into a single container and then labeling those containers clearly, you can find the things you need quickly and with a minimum of fuss. This can save you time and effort when retrieving sports equipment, seasonal clothing and other items from your Katy mini storage unit. Labeling containers with names can also help your entire family spot their own items more quickly and easily.

Opt for Clear Containers

Purchasing clear containers can also provide you with a solid idea of what is inside. By selecting these practical options for your storage unit, you can achieve greater convenience when adding items to storage or retrieving them for use. Clear plastic bins with lids can also provide airtight protection for folded clothing and can prevent small items from being lost or misplaced in your unit.

Install Shelving

Metal or plastic shelves can serve as convenient staging areas for bins and lidded containers inside your Katy climate controlled storage unit. These shelving units are an ideal solution for organizing your items and for keeping like items together in your storage facility. Your shelves can allow you to use floor-to-ceiling space within your storage unit to maximize the return on your investment.

Use Racks for Clothing

Most items of clothing do best when placed on hangers and stored on racks. By investing in a few clothing racks for jackets, shirts and dresses, you can ensure that these items are ready for use when they are needed once again. Your clothing racks can also reduce the amount of space needed to store winter jackets and other bulky items in your home or storage unit.

Stack to Save Room

Stacking chairs, tables and boxes can free up space inside your Katy mini storage unit. This can allow you to declutter more effectively and to enjoy the full benefits of these storage solutions. Be sure to use plenty of padding between items of furniture to prevent scratches and other damage to these valuable pieces.

Making the most of the space available in your Katy climate controlled self-storage unit can help you declutter your home more efficiently and maybe even using a smaller unit can reduce storage costs. These tips can help you organize your storage unit for greater convenience when storing and retrieving items from these modern facilities.