Houston Mini Storage

Reducing clutter in your living areas can help you to streamline your daily routine and enjoy the most effective use of space inside your home. You can make a big impact to declutter with an investment of just 10 minutes to15 minutes a day. Packing up some less frequently used items and moving them to your Cypress self storage unit can free up space and increase the usable area inside your residence. Here are some other hints for taking on clutter in just a few minutes every day.

Assess the Situation

Most professional organizers recommend taking a hard look at the items taking up space inside your home and asking a few simple questions:

  • Have you used it in the last year?
  • Does it serve a purpose inside your home?
  • Is it part of your interior design?

If the answer to all these questions is no, it may be time to discard the item or, at a minimum, to pack it up and transfer it to your Katy climate controlled storage unit. This is a good compromise for furnishings and items that you may not be willing to part with entirely but that have no real function inside your home at the present time.

Prepare for the Process

Picking up some packing boxes from your local Katy self storage or moving company can be a good first step toward preparing for the decluttering process. Making sure that you have plenty of trash bags on hand is essential to save time and effort during your decluttering efforts. This can ensure that you have the right tools for the job once your clean-up project is underway.

Give Away or Throw Away

Items that are still in good working condition can often be donated to local charities or organizations. Broken or damaged furnishings or items should be relegated to the trash pile and discarded immediately to increase space and to eliminate these items from your Houston area home.

Set a Strict Time Limit

Setting a timer for 10, 15 or 20 minutes can help you break your clean-up project into manageable chunks of time. Scheduling 15-minute decluttering sessions is recommended to ensure that you can get a fair amount done without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed by the process. This can help you maintain motivation while taking steps to combat clutter inside your home.

Making a plan to declutter your home can provide you with real benefits, including increased space and reduced time needed for cleaning and upkeep. By investing just a few minutes a day, you can make a significant impact on the appearance and livability of your Katy, Houston or Cypress home.