cell pack glass

Whether you are boxing up your fine china for a trip to your Katy climate controlled storage facility or packing up all your dishes for a move across the city, state or country, making sure these items are protected against breakage on the way can save you time and money. Here are some of the best tips for keeping your dishes and glassware safe in route and in storage.

Use Plenty of Packing Paper

Most experts recommend placing about six inches of crumpled packing paper at the bottom of boxes intended to hold glasses and dishes. This can absorb some impacts when moving these boxes and placing them in storage. Wrapping each dish, glass and mug separately in its own packing paper can also offer added cushioning against bumps along the way. Placing a ball of wadded tissue paper inside glasses and mugs can provide added support for these hollow items. When the box is nearly full, put another layer of crumpled packing paper on top for added protection.

Organize and Arrange for Storage

When possible, pack similar dishes in the same box with the biggest items on the bottom for your relocation or trip to a Katy self storage facility. This can not only provide your fragile items with added protection but can also make locating and unpacking your dishes an easier task. Be sure to label each box with the type of items it contains and any specifics that might make unpacking easier once you reach your destination.

Avoid Empty Space in Storage Box

Filling any empty areas of your boxes with paper or packing peanuts can prevent sliding and movement of dishes, glasses and other items. This can reduce the chance of breakage in route and can help you ensure the greatest degree of protection for glasses, bowls and other dishware in your Katy mini storage unit or on the way to your new home.

Protect Fragile Items Especially When Stacking in Storage Unit

Heirloom china, collector plates and other valuable items may require even greater care during the moving and storage process. Wrapping these items in a soft cloth and then surrounding them with bubble wrap may be the best way to ensure that they stay beautiful and undamaged during the moving process. A layer of at least two inches of bubble wrap or packing paper between each fragile item can provide optimal protection for these valuable family treasures.

Making sure your dishes and glasses are safe from chipping and breakage can help you enjoy greater peace of mind during your move. These tips can help you protect your dishes, glassware and other items from damage when moving them to storage or shipping them to your new home.