Houston Mini Storage

Newspapers can serve as reminders of big events in the life of your family or in the history of your town, state or nation. Keeping your treasured newspapers in pristine condition can preserve their value and allow these heirloom items to be passed down from one generation to the next. A Katy climate-controlled storage facility can be an ideal place to store your collection of newspapers. Here are some helpful tips for storing newspapers and other paper items for maximum longevity.

Protect Newspapers from Light

Over time, exposure to light can cause fading and discoloration for paper and ink. Limiting exposure to all types of light, especially ultraviolet and fluorescent light, can extend the life of these keepsake items. Archival bags designed specifically for newspapers can block out harmful light during storage.

Give Them the White Glove Treatment

Using white cotton gloves to handle newspapers can prevent the natural oils in your skin from damaging the paper or ink of these items. These gloves are available from most archival supply stores and are designed specifically to protect valuable books and printed items from damage during handling.

Keep Temperatures Stable

Storing your newspapers in a Cypress climate controlled storage unit can help you maintain a consistent humidity and temperature level for these valuable items. The conditions inside these climate-controlled units can be carefully monitored to provide the best possible environment for all your valuable items and can prevent unnecessary deterioration for newspapers, books and other print materials.

Photocopy Display Items

Instead of putting your newspaper clippings in a frame for display, make a photocopy of these items and keep your original stored safely in a Katy self-storage unit. This can prevent damage from sun and ensure that your heirloom newspapers stay in optimal condition. Color copies can even preserve the look of the original for a more authentic look.

Go Acid-Free

Newspapers are typically printed on cheap paper that can deteriorate rapidly if exposed to acidic surfaces. Acid-free papers, backings and boxes can reduce the effects of time and climate on your newspapers. By making sure these items are stored in an acid-free environment, you can reduce the impact of time on the newspapers and clippings you want to save. Archival-quality materials are an excellent choice for preserving newspapers and other documents for the longest time possible.

Taking steps to protect your treasured clippings and newspapers can help you build a collection that can be passed on to family members as a part of your legacy. Choosing the right self-storage facility in our area can be a good first step toward preserving these keepsakes for the future.