Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

Getting rid of some of the clutter in your garage before the chill of winter sets in can help you enjoy a cleaner and more streamlined experience in this essential area of your home. Storing equipment and tools needed for summer in your Katy climate controlled storage unit can be a good first step in this process. Here are some other techniques that can help you declutter your garage for the winter.

Hang It Up

Installing pegboards or slat walls can provide you with plenty of space to hang up small to medium sized tools. These versatile additions to your garage can even support shelves for often used tools and other items. By incorporating these low-profile additions to your garage, you can organize your tools and equipment for easier access and greater eye appeal.

Throw Out the Trash

For many of us, the garage can become a handy receptacle for broken tools, odd bits of wood and other items that should probably be thrown away. By clearing out these unwanted items, you can clear up space that can be used to pursue your hobbies or even to park your car. Making sure your garage is clean and free of debris can also provide you with a healthier environment inside this part of your home.

Box It Up

Seasonal items and sports equipment can be boxed up and taken to your Katy mini storage facility for safekeeping until next year. This can prevent unwanted clutter in the garage while ensuring that these items are kept dry and secure. One trip to your self-storage unit can allow you to pick up holiday decorations and gear from last year while dropping off the items you will not need until next summer rolls around.

Use All Your Available Space

Even if your garage door opens overhead, you can still make use of a great deal of ceiling storage space in your garage. These areas are ideal for fishing rods, tools and other long items that cannot fit easily into other spaces. Overhead storage racks are also available for installation and can provide even more room for all your gear. Floor-to-ceiling corner shelves are another outstanding addition to your newly organized garage space.

Organizing your garage can help you and your family make the most of the winter months. Packing up the items you will not need this winter and taking them to your Katy self storage unit can be a solid first step toward ensuring that your garage is clean and ready for indoor projects and parking duty all through the winter months.