Spring Branch Mini Storage

If you are planning to update your home’s décor or to replace some of your older furnishings, finding the right storage solutions for items you still want can provide you with added peace of mind when managing space issues inside your home. Your local Cypress self storage facility can provide you with a little extra breathing room when creating a brand-new look for your living spaces. Here are some helpful hints for storing sofas and other large pieces of upholstered furniture.

Measure Your Sofa

For larger couches, chairs and sectional seating groups, making sure these items will fit into your vehicle and into your Katy self storage unit can help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the moving process. Measuring the various dimensions of these furnishings can help you enjoy a smooth and problem-free process when storing sofas, loveseats and the various components of modular seating arrangements. If at all possible, place your sofa in the self-storage unit flat rather than up on its side or back. This can prevent unnecessary stress on the structural elements of these heavy pieces of furniture.

Clean Before Storing

Depending on the material, your sofa may require wiping down with a damp cloth or shampooing with an approved upholstery cleaning solution. Be sure to leave enough time for the sofa to dry before moving it into storage. Cleaning any wooden or metal pieces can also be helpful to prevent deterioration of these components of your sofa. Applying furniture polish to wooden surfaces can prevent drying and extend the life of your sofa to a considerable degree.

Take Things Apart

Removing sofa cushions and detachable legs can make it easier to move your sofa and other large pieces of furniture down stairs, through doors and into your Cypress self storage unit. Disassembling your sofa can also prevent legs from breaking off and being damaged during the moving process. This can ensure that your furniture is intact and ready for use when it is needed once again.

Wrap It Up

Specialized bags and wraps can provide an added layer of protection against moisture and can prevent pests from making a home in your upholstery. Large bags are ideal for sofa cushions and pillows. For all other parts of your sofa, wrapping it with furniture blankets or cotton drop cloths can provide the best possible defense against damage while it is in storage.

Your Katy climate controlled storage unit offers the best possible environment for your sofas, chairs and other valuable items. By working with a reputable company and taking ordinary precautions when storing your furniture, you can enjoy many years of use from these furnishings.