Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

Your family photos are heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation to create a sense of history for your children and grandchildren. Making sure that your photographs and negatives are stored safely and preserved in the proper way can help you hold on to your memories for a very long time. Your Katy self storage facility can provide a safe environment for these valuable items. Here are some of the most helpful hints for proper photo storage to keeping them in good condition for many years to come.

Invest in White Cotton Gloves

The oils naturally found in your skin can be damaging to the surface of your photos and negatives. By purchasing a few pairs of white cotton gloves and using them when organizing and preparing your photographs for storage, you can avoid transferring these oils to these delicate items. This simple precaution can extend the life of your photo collection.

Stay Out of the Light

Sunlight and other ultraviolet exposure can cause rapid fading and discoloration of your photos. Exposure to light can be even more damaging to negatives. By keeping these items well away from direct sunlight and bright light of any kind in your Cypress self storage unit can make sure they stay beautiful and vibrant for many years to come.

Choose Archival Quality Storage Materials

Archival materials are designed specifically not to react with the chemicals in paper and photographic negatives and prints. These properties make archival paper and boxes the best choice for your photo album pages and loose storage. Be sure to separate photographs with archival paper when storing them in a file box; this can prevent them from sticking together if they are stored for a prolonged period in your Katy self storage unit.

Organize and Label Your Photos

For important photos, investing in a photo album and labeling the pictures in it can help you remember the specifics of each photo you save. Labeling and organizing your photos can also make it easier to locate the exact set of memories you want to share with family members or friends now and in the future.

Select a Katy Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Photographs require a dry, cool environment to ensure the greatest longevity. By opting for a Katy climate controlled storage solution, you can keep the humidity at a safe level and can avoid hot temperatures that can warp your photos or cause chemical changes during the storage process.

By taking care of your photos, you can share them with those you love now and for many years into the future. Your photo albums can help you preserve your family history to inspire future generations for many years to come.