Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

If you are a college student who is heading home for summer vacation, you probably have numerous boxes of possessions that you will need to store until your fall term begins. A Katy self storage unit is the perfect place for college student storage until you need them. They are available for short- or long-term rental, and you can access your goods any time you like.

Carefully plan ahead before you rent a Katy mini storage locker. You want to rent the right unit. You also need to pack your possessions properly so that they remain in good condition while in storage. It is not only important to pack your boxes well, you should also pack the storage unit with an eye toward being able to find anything that you might need during the course of your vacation.

Here are some tips on choosing an appropriate space and packing your belongings.

  • If books and electronics are all that you have to store, you should consider Katy climate controlled storage. A 5- by 5-foot unit will probably hold your fall clothing, books, microwave, mini-fridge, computer, stereo system and CD collection safely.
  • You will need to rent a larger unit if you plan to store furniture. A storage unit that is about the same size as the truck that you used to bring your items home will suffice. Put the furniture in the rear of the locker.
  • Pack your books horizontally in a sturdy box. A few smaller boxes will protect them better than one large box.
  • Use clear plastic containers or new cardboard boxes for your clothing. Label each box.
  • Hang your winter coats, blankets and quilts in a wardrobe box. Wash them before you pack them.
  • Pack dishes and glasses in bubble wrap or blank newsprint. Do not use printed newspaper as the ink might bleed onto the items. Place the big items on the bottom and the little things on top. Use packing peanuts to fill the box. Then, tape it shut with packing tape.
  • Make a list of the boxes that you have stored and where they are in the unit. Tape it next to the door.
  • Choose a storage company that provides gated access, security cameras, alarms and an on-site manager.
  • Save space by donating any items you no longer need to a charity. Sell your old textbooks unless you think that you will need them again.

Follow these tips, and your possessions will be ready to go when you are ready to return to school at the end of summer.