Jet Ski Storage - Houston Mini Storage

After a long winter in your Katy or Cypress self-storage unit, your jet ski may need a little tender loving care to perform at its best this summer. A few minor maintenance tasks can make a big difference in the longevity of these vehicles. Here are a few helpful hints for getting your jet ski ready for use during the summer months.

Perform a Thorough Inspection

Even if your jet ski has been safely ensconced in a Katy climate controlled storage unit, cold and disuse could have caused a few problems. Check the fuel and cooling lines for any breaks or worn areas; these could cause serious issues if not addressed promptly.

Brush Off the Dust

Dusting off your engine and carburetor and wiping down all surfaces can reduce the risk of damage to the finish of your jet ski and can ensure that your engine is ready to hit the water in top condition. Be sure to use a soft, nonabrasive cloth to polish and clean your jet ski; this can prevent any scratches or damage to the surfaces of this valuable vehicle.

Fill It Up

The next step in preparing your jet ski for summertime fun is to drain the gas tank completely and to replace the fuel inside. Using fresh fuel each spring can prevent water from building up in the tank and causing issues during use. Be sure to use the right fuel formulation for your jet ski to ensure the best performance.

Let the Sparks Fly

Checking your spark plugs and replacing any that show signs of rust or deterioration can ensure that your jet ski is ready to go this summer. Even in a secure and well-maintained Cypress self storage facility, your spark plugs can attract and hold moisture. Replacing these key items is a relatively inexpensive process that could potentially save you time and effort on the open water.

Start It Up

The final step in your preparation process is to start up your jet ski and see how it runs. If there are any blockages or clogs in the impeller, jet pump or other elements of your propulsion system, be sure to clear these items before attempting to take your jet ski out on the water. If everything seems to be in working order, you can prepare for hours and days of fun in the sun on your jet ski.

Choosing the right Cypress or Katy self storage facility can give you greater peace of mind when storing your jet ski for the winter months. By selecting a climate-controlled and well-maintained self-storage provider, you can ensure the best possible environment for your jet ski and other valuable items.