Houston Mini Storage

Katy self storage units have become so popular because they are the answer to all types of storage problems. They are great for storing extra items when two people get married. When you need to reduce clutter in your home, there is no better solution. You can even store large items like boats, motorcycles, pianos or anything that you just cannot find space for in your home. Here are some tips on the right way to store your possessions so that they come out of the Cypress self storage unit in the same condition as when they were put in safekeeping.

  • Make sure you use an all-weather padlock with a short arm. If the arm is too long, a thief can fit a pair of bolt cutters into the lock to open it.
  • If you are planning to keep your items in Katy climate controlled storage for a long period of time, you should label every box before you store it. It is also a good idea to make a master list of the boxes in your storage unit and their contents. Post the list near the door. Then, when you go looking for your Christmas decorations, you will know exactly which box they are in and where that box is located. Spending a little time when you first store your goods can save you plenty of time and frustration when you retrieve your possessions.
  • Most storage lockers keep your goods safe from the weather, but you would be wise to buy wood pallets to keep your belongings off the floor. If there is a heavy rainfall and water seeps beneath the door, your possessions will remain dry and protected if they are on top of pallets.
  • To ensure that dust and insects do not invade your boxes or furniture, wrap everything in plastic wrap. You can buy large rolls online.
  • In areas where the temperature fluctuates dramatically, make sure that you properly insulate or double-wrap anything that could warp or break if the weather changes.
  • Even the smallest storage unit can hold more than you expect when you pack vertically. The trick is to plan ahead as you arrange your boxes. Sheets of plywood between each level of boxes will stabilize tall stacks so that they are less likely to fall or get crushed.
  • If you are using your storage unit for a workshop, be careful not to cause any damage. Hang plastic wrap on the walls and put drop cloths on the floor if you plan to paint, glue or refinish furniture. You could face a substantial fine if you do not leave the storage unit in good shape.
  • Last but not least, protect the walls of the storage unit from damage if you are moving large items so you will not need to pay for repairs.