Climate Controlled Mini Storage

It is important that you store a mattress correctly when the need arises. Follow these tips so that when removed from storage, your mattress is in the same condition it was in when you placed it in a Katy climate controlled storage unit.

  • Take the frame and headboard apart, and stash the hardware in a plastic bag or container. This ensures that all the parts will be easy to locate when you reassemble the bed.
  • You must thoroughly clean the mattress, box spring and frame before they are tucked away in Katy self storage. Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to remove all the dead skin, dust and crumbs that have accumulated on the mattress and the box spring. Wash the bedding if you plan to put it in storage.
  • Use a commercially available upholstery cleaner to get rid of any stains or lingering odors. Let your mattress air out before putting it in storage. If you prefer a greener cleaning method, mix some baking soda with an essential oil, and spread it over the mattress. Vigorously rub it in, and remove it with your vacuum. Do this to both sides of the mattress and the top of the box spring. You could also use a steam cleaner.
  • Wipe down the frame and headboard with a mild soapy mixture. Then, wipe them again with a clean, damp rag, and let them dry.
  • Purchase two plastic mattress storage bags from your local hardware store or Katy climate controlled storage provider. Be certain the mattress and box spring are dry before you place them in their bag. You do not want to trap any moisture inside the bag because mold could form if either piece is still damp. The plastic covering will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • Wrap the frame and headboard in an old blanket to prevent damage during the trip to the storage unit.

When you place the items in Katy mini storage unit, lay the mattress and box spring flat so that they retain their shape. You might want to put a tarp beneath them. Put the mattress on top of the box spring. Do not put boxes or other items on top of them as this could leave permanent impressions.

When you retrieve your mattress, box spring and frame, it is a good idea to quickly clean them with a deodorizing spray. Then, reassemble the frame, and put the box spring and mattress back in place. They will then be ready to use again.