Climate Controlled Mini Storage

Finding the right Katy self storage facility for your valued items can provide you with greater peace of mind and increased space inside your home. A few simple steps can help you protect the items you store in these spaces and can ensure that these treasured family heirlooms are ready for use or display later. Here are some helpful tips for storing your valuable possessions safely in the self storage environment.

Let the Light Shine Down

A clean, well-lit Katy mini storage facility can provide added protection against thieves and vandals. By eliminating dark corners and shadows, these storage facilities can limit the appeal of their storage spaces for criminals in your area. Security cameras and on-site security personnel can also serve as effective deterrents against crime and unwanted intrusions in these areas. Many facilities offer 24/7 video surveillance that can provide important evidence if a crime does occur.

Lock It Up

Investing in a solid, top-quality padlock can make it more difficult for thieves to gain access to your storage unit. While many cheap padlocks can be cut or popped in a matter of minutes, more advanced lock systems are designed to make more noise and to present added difficulty for potential burglars. Also check with your home insurance carrier about off-premises coverage for your mini storage valuables.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Storing more valuable items further back in your unit or in a hidden area of your storage space can sometimes reduce the chance of these items being stolen. Jewelry, small heirloom items and essential paperwork should generally be placed in a safety deposit box for absolutely safekeeping. For all other items, taking time out to make these valuables less obvious can be a good first step toward greater security in your storage unit.

Keep Things Cool

Opting for Katy climate controlled storage facilities can help keep your furnishings, artworks and clothing safe and protected for extended periods of time. Climate-controlled units not only maintain a specific temperature range but can also limit humidity in these enclosed spaces. Katy climate controlled storage can significantly extend the life of furniture, clothing, paintings and other delicate items in your self-storage unit.

Choose the Right Size

Overfilling or crowding items in your Katy self storage unit can cause damage to your possessions. Installing shelves or organizing items so that they are protected against crushing, breaking and chemical reactions caused by direct contact can help you protect these items and ensure the safest environment for your valued possessions.

Working with a proven Katy mini storage facility can provide you with the support and confidence you need to organize your home and manage your space requirements effectively. This can allow you to streamline your daily routine and enjoy greater peace of mind when storing your items over the short or long term.