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Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Taking steps to protect your wedding dress can allow you to pass on this beautiful reminder of your marriage ceremony to the next generation of your family and can provide you with a tangible memento of this special day. Investing in a Katy climate controlled storage unit can protect your wedding gown against excessive heat and cold while ensuring a safe environment for this heirloom item of apparel. Here are some essential tips for storing your wedding dress safely for future generations to enjoy.

Clean as Directed

Depending on the fabric and the style of your wedding dress, you may need to dry-clean or wash it in preparation for long-term storage. Most commercially available wedding dresses include labeling with the proper methods for cleaning these gowns. By following these instructions to the letter, you can ensure that your dress stays beautiful for many years to come. If your dress does not have a care tag, contact the shop or individual from whom you purchased the dress to find out how to clean it safely. This initial cleaning can prevent unpleasant surprises when you unpack your wedding dress in the future. There are specialty cleaners for wedding dresses and they are the best option for proper, safe cleaning of your treasured gown.

Choose Vertical or Horizontal Storage

Preservation boxes for wedding dresses are available from companies throughout the Houston metropolitan area. These boxes are specifically designed for long-term storage of these heirloom items and are acid-free to prevent reactions between the fabric and the cardboard container. The configuration and size of your Katy self storage unit will often dictate whether hanging your wedding gown vertically or storing it horizontally in a custom-constructed preservation box is more appropriate to your needs. If you do opt to hang your dress, it may be worthwhile to invest in professional help to avoid wrinkling or stretching when storing this item of apparel.

Avoid Plastic Bags

If you do decide to hang your dress rather than box it up, avoid the use of plastic garment bags to protect this precious item. Plastic can potentially trap moisture and could react with the fabrics and adornments used to construct your dress. This can significantly reduce the longevity of your wedding gown. Instead, invest in a custom-made wardrobe box or acid-free paper covering to keep your dress safe from moisture and protected against unexpected issues throughout the storage process.

Stay Away from Light

One key reason for investing in Katy mini-storage services for your wedding dress is the protection these facilities offer against exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. These UV rays can cause fading and discoloration of fabrics over time. Climate-controlled self-storage facilities offer superior protection against exposure to light and provide a secure environment for your treasured wedding dress and other mementos of this special day.

Handle with Care

Most fabric care experts recommend the use of white cotton gloves when handling antique or heirloom garments. By washing and drying your hands thoroughly and wearing these gloves every time you handle your dress, you can prevent oils and other contaminants from transferring from your fingers to the fabric. This can increase the longevity of your wedding gown and can help it stay fresh and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

Preserving your wedding dress can provide you with a beautiful memento of your ceremony and reception. Additionally, passing along this exquisite article of clothing to your own daughters or to close relatives can create lasting family traditions and can strengthen the bonds between you and those you love. A small investment in a Katy climate controlled storage unit can pay off in years of enjoyment for you and your family and the preservation of your beautiful wedding dress for many years to come.