Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

Safe storage of valuable artworks is essential to preserve their value and ensure maximum durability. This applies to masterworks produced by famous artists, to your own creations and to the masterpieces designed by younger members of your Katy, Texas family. Employing the right storage techniques can ensure that these items stay in tip-top condition for many years to come. Working with a Katy mini storage company can provide you with expert guidance on protecting your artworks from damage. Here are five key factors to consider when planning to store your treasured art collection.


Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause serious issues with paintings, photographs, books and wood sculptures. Ensuring that temperatures remain within a consistent 20-degree range is essential to prevent cracking and peeling of these items. In most cases, setting the temperature to the cooler side can also provide added protection for valuable pieces of art. Setting the thermostat for a chilly 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit can extend the life of many of your most valued artworks. Katy climate-controlled storage facilities can provide you with the temperature control needed to keep photos, paintings and wood items in optimal condition during their time in storage.

Humidity Levels

Humity in the air can present serious risks to stored artwork. High humidity levels can provide favorable conditions for the growth of mold and mildew, which can destroy paintings. Additionally, moist air can cause some photographs and paintings to adhere to each other, causing serious damage to these valued keepsakes. Taking steps to control humidity in storage areas can prevent wood from warping and mold from destroying paintings and other items of value to you and your family. Climate-controlled storage units can provide consistent humidity levels to protect your artwork against damage.

Exposure to Light

Sunlight can fade nearly all types of art and can cause serious deterioration to photographs, sculptural finishes and paint applications over time. Keeping your valuable artworks in a Katy self-storage unit can prevent sunlight from reaching these materials. This can significantly extend the life of your personal creations, your treasured keepsakes and valuable items that can deteriorate in the presence of ultraviolet light.

Impact Resistance

Depending on the type of artwork being stored, padding these items with bubble wrap, paper and other materials can prevent damage caused by bumps and falls in transit or in the storage environment.

  • Glassine is ideal for protecting the surfaces of paintings against damage and can be used as the inner layer for other types of padding.
  • Soft, scratch-free fabrics should be used to envelop your sculptures before wrapping them in bubble wrap. A cardboard box can also be used to enclose the sculpture completely for added safety.
  • While photographs are not as vulnerable to impacts, they should be stored with acid-free paper interleaved between each photo. This can prevent chemical reactions that can cause discoloration or fading for these irreplaceable items.

These strategies can protect your artwork against unexpected impacts and damage during and after their transfer to your storage destination.


Investing in shelves for your Katy mini storage unit is essential to protect your artwork against damage. Most experts recommend storing sculptures and paintings in the upright position and away from the floor, which may be prone to greater fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. By making a space designed for your collection of artworks, you can ensure the greatest longevity for these valuable items in the Katy self-storage environment.

By keeping these five tips in mind, you can enjoy the greatest peace of mind when storing your artworks. Enlisting the help of an established Katy climate-controlled storage facility can ensure that your valued items are protected against damage from moisture, heat and other hazards. This can allow you and your family to enjoy these artistic masterpieces for many years to come.