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Before showing your Katy, Texas home to potential buyers, it is vital to eliminate as much clutter as possible. Superfluous items make it hard for people to imagine their own possessions in your home. Clutter also takes up space, creates distractions and can make rooms look smaller. Make sure your home looks clean, inviting and organized. You can solve this problem by following our tips and renting a Katy self storage unit to eliminate your excess belongings.

Front Entrance

Prospective homebuyers do not want to see a considerable amount of clutter when they first enter a home that is for sale. Numerous shoes, clothing, hats and jackets often accumulate near the front door. Be sure to put them away before an open house or showing.


Do not let a tangle of wires distract people from your otherwise attractive living room, office or bedroom. Remember to organize these cords and hide them when possible. If you have several remote controls, stow them in a drawer.


Remove magnets from your refrigerator door, and do not leave detergent bottles on top of the washing machine. Avoid using appliance handles as towel racks. If there is limited empty space on the kitchen counter, pack up small appliances like slow cookers, can openers and toaster ovens.

Books, Magazines

There is nothing wrong with a shelf full of paperbacks or periodicals. They can make a room look more sophisticated. However, you should not stack books on the furniture or on top of each other. Find a new home for any items that do not fit in your bookcase.

Desk Clutter

If your bedroom or office contains a desk, remember to neatly arrange the objects on its surface. Do not allow these items to reveal details about your financial situation. Place all receipts, bills, tax forms and coupons out of view. Think about purchasing a desk organizer.


People expect to see sofas, beds, desks and dining tables when they tour houses. Nonetheless, excess furnishings can create an obstacle course of clutter. Your home must not have too many throw rugs, decorations, ottomans, chairs or end tables.


A few framed paintings and photographs may enhance your home’s appearance. On the other hand, it is best to take down any personal or family photos. Pack away celebrity and sports posters as well. These items may prevent people from paying attention to the positive qualities of your house.

Bathroom Vanity

Clutter frequently builds up around the lavatory sink. Do not forget to put away the hair dryer, shavers, scissors, perfume and toothbrushes. Hide any charging cords in a drawer, and store medications in a cabinet that children cannot reach.

Driveway, Lawn

Outdoor clutter can have the same harmful effects. Do not let an assortment of lawn equipment, toys or plastic chairs accumulate in the yard. If a rusty old car takes up space on your land, it is time to seriously consider sending it to the junkyard.

Where to Put Things

You can free up some room in closets by getting rid of clothes you never wear. This will create space for the objects you want to temporarily hide. However, keep in mind that potential buyers also look inside closets. These rooms ought to appear organized and spacious.

When you encounter belongings you will never use again, think about donating them to charity or holding a yard sale. Discard or recycle any completely useless items. Be sure to find out if your neighborhood requires garage sale permits.

If you want to keep things like seasonal clothing and extra furniture, think twice before putting them in the garage. Garage moisture can quickly damage such possessions and a hot attic can also harm your belongings. Consider using a Katy climate controlled storage facility instead.

Your home will sell more quickly and for a higher price when you thoroughly declutter. You may gain thousands of dollars by spending a little money to rent a Katy mini storage unit. Even if you are not selling your home, your decluttering efforts will free up space, improve safety and make everything easier to find.