Houston Mini Storage

As the holiday season winds to a close, it is time once again to take down the Christmas decorations and lights and to store them safely for next year. The right storage strategies can help to preserve your ornaments and lights year after year. Keeping these family heirlooms safe and secure in a Katy climate-controlled storage facility is a good first step toward protecting these precious holiday items against damage or deterioration. Here are five tips for storing your holiday items safely for next year’s celebrations.

Extra Protection for Ornaments

Even shatterproof ornaments can be scratched or damaged if not stored properly. Wrapping fragile ornaments in tissue paper and placing them in partitioned cardboard boxes can ensure the highest degree of protection for these items. For those with a little extra money to spend, plastic bins designed specifically to hold ornaments can be purchased online or at local department stores. Be sure to label ornament boxes carefully and to store them where they will not be crushed by heavier items. This can keep your keepsake items in excellent condition for next year’s holiday displays.

Artificial Trees

Some artificial Christmas trees are designed to be dismantled and stored after the holiday season is over. Investing in an appropriately sized plastic bin can reduce damage to the component parts of your tree and can ensure that your tree looks great year after year. Plastic bins with lids can also prevent the loss of important parts that could necessitate replacement of your tree before its time. For trees that are designed to stay in one place, investing in a Katy mini storage unit can provide the best possible protection for your items while freeing up closet space inside your home.

Light Strings

Tangled light cords seem to be a staple of the holiday season. Investing in a few large twist ties and some gallon-sized zipper-lock bags can make these issues a thing of the past. By carefully rolling up lights into small bundles and securing them with the twist ties before placing them into individual plastic bags, you can create packages ready for storage and guaranteed to stop the Christmas tangle from taking over your holiday. These bags can be stored flat in a plastic bin to provide even greater protection for all types of interior and exterior lighting products.


Plastic bags are also an ideal way to store glittery garlands and wreaths until they are needed again next year. These bags can then be stored in a cardboard box or plastic bin to provide even greater protection against insects and other pests. Heavier items should be placed near the bottom of the container to prevent crushing damage. For standard-sized door wreaths, it may be worthwhile to invest in a wreath case designed specifically to hold these decorative items during storage.

Outdoor Decorations

Larger items used in outdoor displays can generally be transferred directly to your local Katy self-storage facility from your yard or patio. Nativity scenes, large light-up decorations and inflatables do not always fit easily into a plastic bag or bin; instead, providing them with a little extra space inside your storage unit can ensure that they stay bright and beautiful for another year. Securing smaller items inside boxes or bags and taping them to the larger decorations, however, can help to keep sets together and can provide added help when it is time to set up the holiday display once again.

Maintaining a unit at a self-storage facility can help Katy homeowners make the most of their available space while ensuring that valued items are safe from damage. By storing holiday items in a safe and climate-controlled environment, you can protect your favorite decorations and ornaments and can create memorable family traditions to last for years to come.