Houston Mini Storage

After a summer spent exploring the great outdoors on your motorcycle, taking proper care to prepare it for winter or any type of long term storage can ensure that it is ready for fun in the sun next year. Like any complex piece of equipment, your motorcycle requires routine maintenance and a little tender loving care to remain in optimal running condition. Here are seven of the most important steps to follow before stashing your motorcycle in a Katy climate controlled storage unit to ride out the winter safely.

Clean It Up

Leaving dirt, oil and other road debris on your motorcycle over the winter can allow rust and corrosion to damage its delicate finish. Investing the time to clean the exterior and engine and to degrease the chain can pay off in greater longevity and improved appearance for your bike. If you are willing to go the extra mile, a coat of wax can do wonders for your paint finish and can help it stay fresh and bright during its winter hiatus.

Stabilize Your Fuel

Filling your motorcycle gas tank at least three-quarters full and adding a manufacturer-approved stabilizing treatment can protect your engine against negative effects possible with prolonged exposure to untreated fuel. By taking steps to prevent rust and corrosion, you can significantly extend the working life of your motorcycle and can enjoy trouble-free performance summer after summer.

Change the Oil

When left to sit over the course of the winter, used or dirty oil can pose a real threat to the health of your motorcycle engine. Taking your bike in for an oil change or managing this task yourself can ensure that your engine is ready for action when warmer temperatures return in the spring. Be sure to replace your oil filter if you intend to perform this maintenance task yourself.

Transport Your Bike

Whether you intend to ride your motorcycle to the storage facility or transport it by trailer, choosing a climate-controlled unit can reduce the risk of damage caused by excessively cold temperatures or high humidity. Katy mini storage facilities that offer climate control as part of their overall lineup of services can provide the best possible environment for storing your bike throughout the winter months.

Lock Moisture Out

Your exhaust pipes are vulnerable to rust and corrosion when left unattended for extended periods of time. If you have access to silica, you can insert a couple of these moisture-absorbing packs into your exhaust pipe directly. WD-40 or comparable products can also provide real protection against moisture. The WD part of the product name stands for water displacement, allowing this spray to serve as both lubricant and protection for the metal parts of your motorcycle.

Charge Things Up

Your motorcycle battery will typically lose its charge over time. By removing your battery and connecting it to a trickle charger, you can keep your bike in ride-ready condition all winter long. Choosing a Katy self storage company that features outlets in their storage units can allow you to manage charging tasks more easily throughout the winter or during the spring months.

Pest-Proof Your Ride

Placing plastic bags over your exhaust pipes and covering your motorcycle can prevent unwanted insect and animal intrusions and can protect wiring and other delicate parts against damage. If you select a Katy climate controlled storage facility for your motorcycle, your storage company may already have pest control measures in place that can reduce or eliminate the need for this step.

Choosing a Katy mini storage facility that offers the right amenities can allow you to prepare your motorcycle for its long winter’s nap much more easily. By working with an established company that offers climate-controlled units and other must-have features, you can enjoy the greatest degree of convenience when storing your beloved bike this fall.