Houston Mini Storage

Whether you are moving for your job or just for a change of scenery, consider using a Katy self storage company to simplify matters. They can be the perfect solution for long or short-term storage. They are safe, secure and climate controlled.

A Katy mini storage space makes the move from one home or apartment to another easier and reduces the stress of the relocation. You can stash the things you will not need right away and return to get them after you have settled into your new location. If you are moving to another part of town, you can go back to the storage space and gather your possessions little by little. You might come back and grab all your stored possessions at once if you are moving across the country. International moves are simplified by renting a storage space for a long time period. You can pay for it in advance or have the payments deducted automatically.

Relocation Storage Tips

To keep things organized, use an online moving and relocation guide. Plan ahead and store your possessions in waves. You can save money by renting several smaller units as you need them rather than paying for a large unit from the beginning. You can buy moving supplies like boxes, tape, packing materials and locks from the storage company.

Consider which items will need to be stored semi-permanently, such as photos, family heirlooms, antiques, musical instruments, fine china, artwork and coin or stamp collections. If you put them away first, they will not be in the way later. A Katy climate controlled storage unit is perfect for these items. You can even rent outdoor or indoor space to store a car, motorcycle, boat or jet-ski.

You may want one unit to hold just those items that you might leave in storage indefinitely. It is usually easier to do the moving and storage of these items first, so that they will not be in your way during the rest of the relocation. If you are only going to use one unit, put these items against the walls and leave space for items that you do not use daily but will want in a few weeks. It might be better to rent a separate unit for items that only require short-term storage.

If you need to clean your current home, you can pack away the rest of your items in the front of your storage unit. Then, you can thoroughly prepare your house for the new tenants or owners. Keep a basic set of kitchenware at your home as well as some bedding, towels, clothing, toiletries and personal items. Be sure to label the boxes to make unpacking easy.

It helps to decide ahead of time if you will be using a mover or doing it on your own. You can save money by doing the heavy lifting, and you can be sure your possessions are packed properly so that they will not get damaged. Have your kids pack some of their things so they feel involved in the process.

Selecting a moving company

Professional movers can make short work of packing and loading. Most companies are insured in case anything goes missing or is broken. Check local reviews, and ask your friends and family for recommendations. Try to schedule your move during the week or in the middle of the month when movers are not so busy. You might get a discount.

Have a few companies come over to give you estimates for the cost and time required. By planning ahead and using storage units, you can make your move as painless as possible.