Spring Branch Mini Storage

Moving is a stressful event almost any way that you look at it, but a local move is not as difficult as one that takes you across country. Instead of packing everything for shipment, consider moving only the essential things initially. Renting a unit at a Houston, Spring Branch, Katy or Cypress mini storage facility gives you a safe place to store your belongings until you are ready for them. Staging your move can minimize disruptions to your lifestyle and avoid stress. To make your move as easy as possible, consider some helpful tips from experienced movers.

Notifying Your Important Contacts

Your utility providers and the post office are contacts who need to know of your move so that you have no interruption in service or missed mail deliveries. Your address appears on your driver’s license, and the DMV requires current records for all drivers. Other important contacts include these:

  • Your employer, doctor and dentist
  • Your credit card, insurance, and subscription companies
  • Your bank and loan providers
  • Your children’s school or university

Organizing as You Pack

A move gives you a perfect time to throw out things that you do not use. The back of your closet may reveal some relics that you have not worn for years. Someone else may get some use out of your donations, and you eliminate excess baggage at the same time. Make sure to complete your sorting, eliminating and packing prior to the day of the move. Moving day is tiring enough without using it for packing as well.

Taking Advantage of Local Conveniences
A Katy self storage location can give you access to your belongings any hour of the day or night, and the premises are safe and protected. Since you are staying in town, you can store your extra lamps, tables, appliances and sports equipment instead of packing things that you may not need immediately. Use towels and blankets to protect them, and store them in a Katy climate controlled storage unit until you need them.

Protecting Your Fragile Possessions

Hiring a truck or a mover is essential for the day of your move. The great expanse inside a moving truck can easily hold the contents of your house or apartment, and your friend’s pickup truck is not equal to its capacity and would require multiple trips.

Moving awkwardly shaped items that are heavy requires special care. Your flat screen television is probably heavier than it looks, and moving it carefully is better than having to replace it. Make sure to assess the labor that you need to remove and relocate all of the items in your home, including the very heavy ones. Katy climate controlled storage provides a secure place to store a sofa or a dining room table and chairs that is environmentally controlled. Any way that you can decrease the size of your move and delay some of it until a later time makes sense.

An alternative to packing your fragile china, mirrors and paintings that protects them and lets you keep them near you is to wrap them in towels or blankets. Then you can load your car with your precious items to reduce the risks of damaging them. Limit the contents of the car that carries fragile items to breakables, and do not load any heavy items into the car to avoid a disappointing accident.

Labeling Everything

You may think that you can remember the contents of each box that you pack, but you will find out that you cannot. A permanent marker is an excellent tool for writing not only the general contents on the outside of the box but its final room destination as well. Finding a coffee cup or a sweater without opening every box is a rewarding experience that you will appreciate later.