Houston Mini Storage Supplies

It’s moving time, and you have corralled willing friends or employees to help you move. You have secured a greater Houston-area storage unit to accommodate your household or commercial items, whether at a Katy self storage or Cypress mini storage unit. Now you just need to find boxes and packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings.

The old adage that you get what you pay for when making purchases holds true when it comes to choosing boxes and packing supplies for moving and self-storage. While it is tempting to cut costs by picking up free boxes where you can find them, they may not be up to the job. Moving puts quite a strain on boxes, and you need sturdy containers to safeguard your belongings while in storage.

Whether en route to your new home or in your Katy climate controlled storage unit, your items are subject to a great deal of handling. Careful packing will go a long way toward keeping your business or household items intact. The extra time spent wrapping glasses, business equipment, delicate collectibles and other fragile or valuable items is definitely worth the investment in time and money. However, all your hard work will be for nothing if the bottom falls out of a box that is not strong enough to handle its contents.

Many of us hit every grocery or liquor store in town in a bid to track down heavy-duty moving boxes. Such missions are hit-or-miss, often resulting only in an empty gas tank. If you are a businessperson or freelancer, the loss of time and money is even greater. On the off-chance that you do find boxes through these sources, there is a good chance they are not move and storage worthy. In fact, if they have not already been broken down for disposal or recycling, they may have been water-damaged or contain bug-attracting food and water residue.

By contrast, purchasing new boxes yields plenty of benefits. The boxes available through a Cypress mini storage facility are designed to handle various types of cargo. Special boxes can be purchased to suit a variety of needs, from wardrobe boxes with racks and hangers to large boxes for mirrors or paintings. Standard boxes come in a range of uniform sizes for your everyday items. Keeping your belongings in groupings of standard boxes makes stacking a cinch, both for moving purposes and for maintaining order in your Katy self storage unit.

In addition to maintaining a tidy unit, stacking boxes of the same size ensures that you will not crush the contents of a lower box in the column with a too-large box on top. Movers will love you for making their jobs easier as well; the moving van will be easier to fill with even stacks of boxes. Many moving companies also stipulate that customers buy new moving supplies to prevent residue and bugs from infesting their trucks and equipment. If you do not have new boxes, they may repack your belongings in their own boxes and charge you a bundle for labor and materials.

Whether you plan to hire movers, do the job yourself, or transfer your residential or business goods to a secure Katy climate controlled storage unit, protecting your belongings with the proper packaging is essential. If your items are important enough to store, they are worth a small investment in quality moving or storage supplies. Protect them further with the following tips:

  • Check the weight limit on the bottom of each box before packing.
  • Fill any empty space with paper or styrofoam peanuts to prevent breakage.
  • Secure your new boxes with heavy-duty tape to keep your things in place.
  • Stack items in your Cypress mini storage unit with other items of the same size.