Boat Storage

If you plan to place your boat in a Katy mini storage facility, there are a few things you should know to keep it in optimum condition. Proper storage is just as important as proper maintenance is when using your watercraft during the summer months. The following boat storage tips will help you take better care of your boat during the off season.

Boat Storage Tip 1: Clean and Dry Your Boat Before You Store It

By cleaning and drying your boat before you put it away, you will help prevent rust and deterioration of wood and other materials. Clean the bilges using hot water and soap, taking extra care to make sure this area is completely dry when you are done.

Boat Storage Tip 2: Remove Fluids from Your Boat

Do not let old fluids sit in your boat for long periods of time. Before placing it in a Katy self storage unit, make sure you have drained all existing fluids. That includes fluids found in the water pumps, coolers, gear case, fresh water tank, hot water heater, engine blocks, manifolds and restroom facilities.

Boat Storage Tip 3: Never Put a Broken Boat in Storage

Do not let damage repair wait until next season. Make sure you take care of any lingering problems before your boat goes into a Katy or Cypress mini storage unit. That includes replacing broken parts, sealing cracks and repainting surfaces that are chipped or peeling. You will be so glad you took care of these issues at the end of the season rather than waiting until the start of next season when everyone else will be rushing to do the same!

Boat Storage Tip 4: Remove Anything that Can Grow Mildew

Mildew can be a big problem for boaters, but the good news is that it is relatively easy to prevent. Make sure you properly store anything that offers an attractive environment for mildew to grow. Fabric components like curtains, cushions, sails and flotation devices should be stored in a clean, dry space that is relatively cool. All food and beverages should be removed and containers, like the refrigerator, should be propped open to completely air out.

Boat Storage Tip 5: Use a Reliable Boat Cover, Even When Stored Indoors

Even if your Katy min storage facility provides indoor climate controlled storage space for your boat, you should still use a cover. A good cover will not have any tears or holes in it and will allow air to circulate. Make sure the cover has good structural support as it rests on the boat.

Boat Storage Tip 6: Lubricate Moving Parts and Add Antifreeze

Go over your boat and apply lubricant to all hinges and moving parts. Also remember to use a moisture-displacing lubricant on the bilges after cleaning. You can add antifreeze to the bilges, cooling system and any supply lines used for water fixtures.

Boat Storage Tip 7: Prep the Fuel Tank for Storage

A full fuel tank will not suffer from oxidation and condensation. Add a marine fuel stabilizer and run the boat’s engine for approximately 15 minutes to ensure even distribution throughout the system. This will help reduce build up and keep the fuel system clean while not in use. Replace the fuel filter before putting your boat into storage.

Boat Storage Tip 8: Remove as Much as Possible Before Storing Your Boat

If possible, it is best to remove anything that can be removed from your boat before storing it. This will help prevent dust accumulation and lower the risk of damage being done to items left on your boat while in storage.

Boat Storage Tip 9: Perform a Final End-of-Season Check

Once you think your boat is ready to go into storage, perform a final end-to-end inspection. Double check the work you already did and look for hidden damage or anything that may have been missed along the way. If everything is in order, then your boat is ready to go into a Cypress or Katy mini storage unit!