Huffmeister Mini Storage

Tight living quarters, chaotic class schedules and novel social situations can overwhelm Houston, Texas area college students. In the miniature world of university dorm room life, organization and cleanliness usually fall to the wayside as class projects, research materials and old part costumes pile up. As students progress through their education, they often find themselves moving from dorm to dorm or apartment to apartment each semester, which means having to carry more and more with them each time. They sometimes even have to haul furniture to their parents’ home during summer breaks, and figuring out what to do with all of that stuff while studying abroad can be particularly nerve wracking. The most practical, affordable and time efficient way to handle these inevitable challenges in Katy and Cypress is renting a self storage unit.

Cypress and Katy mini storage units are not just a place to stash furniture during school holidays. An orderly living and study space facilitates better concentration and relaxation, so having an offsite closet improves grades and mental health.

First year students often bring too much stuff to comfortably fit in a dorm room. Racks of clothes quickly become clutter once students fall into the default mode of wearing the same shirt or pants to class every day. Storing books, DVDs and video games that go unread, unwatched and unplayed due to busy academic and social lives. Hanging on to college textbooks is a great idea as they can often be used as references for future papers and projects, but they just make students feel cramped until that time comes. Deciding what one needs or does or does not need can be a challenge every year, which is why it helps to have a place for things that students do not use every day. Clearing out clutter makes space for things that make dorm life more pleasant.

A self storage unit can make life better for college students and their parents in the following ways:

  • Save time by making things easier to find
  • Save space for more furniture and decorations
  • Save gas money wasted on hauling furniture across the country between moves
  • Alternate clothing as the seasons change

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Self Storage Unit

  • Start looking a few months before the space is need because units quickly fill up near the beginning and end of each semester.
  • Store clothing, books and keepsakes in airtight or vacuum sealed containers to protect against the elements.
  • Leave doors of mini fridges open to prevent moister and mildew build up due to humidity.
  • For students attending school in a humid part of Texas like Katy, climate controlled storage units are imperative when storing electronic equipment such as DVD players and game consoles.
  • Make sure that the storage facility is located in a safe part of town and has security, cameras and a fence.
  • Be prepared to pay a deposit in addition to a monthly storage rate. Ask for prorated rent for the first month if moving during the middle of a billing period.
  • Ask if locks are supplied or if customers need to supply their own.
  • Make sure the storage unit is accessible 24 hours a day or the times when needed.
  • Ask what happens to belonging if a monthly payment is late and if there are any late charges.
  • Ask for a student discount.
  • Check to see if there are any restrictions on what may be stored. Never store anything illegal, perishable or combustible in a self storage unit.
  • Some places offer outdoor storage for vehicles during school breaks.
  • Many companies offer mini storage units for a reduced rate.