Langham Creek Mini Storage

Renting a self-storage unit in the Houston, Texas area is an ideal way to store your personal belongings, business files or seldom-used items. Because you keep the key to your unit, you can access your property at any time during the hours that the facility is open. There are a number of different types of Katy mini storage units available to make it easy to find the right type of unit for your specific needs.

Outdoor Storage

If you need to store a vehicle, boat, RV or other large vehicle, outdoor storage may suit your needs very well. Virtually any vehicle, from motorcycles to tractor-trailers, can be stored at an outdoor facility. In cities where public parking is scarce and garages charge high rates, an outdoor storage facility can be an affordable and convenient solution. Businesses sometimes find that such storage is ideal for company vehicles that are not currently in use.

Outdoor storage is normally the most economical type of self-storage. Most facilities base their prices on the square footage required. For a slightly higher fee, some facilities offer RV hookups or a type of carport to protect vehicles. However, most boat and motorcycle owners use tarps for protection.

Indoor Storage

Katy climate controlled storage facilities typically consist of “storage rooms” that are accessed via a hallway. Each room has its own secure door on which you place your own lock. The temperature in these units is typically maintained between 55 and 80 degrees year-round. This makes it ideal for storing items that could be damaged by extreme temperatures, such as delicate electronics, candles, fine wine, antiques, audio and video tapes, artwork, photographs, books or pharmaceuticals. The controlled temperature also increases your comfort when you need to visit your unit.

Indoor units typically repel pests better and are more resistant to humidity, dust and airborne allergens than drive-up units are. Well-lit hallways make it easier to visit your unit after sundown, and most units also have an interior light for your convenience. Although most units have a roll-up door, some have a sliding or locker-style door.

Indoor storage units are normally the most expensive per square foot of all types of storage units. Because most indoor facilities span multiple floors, the units on the ground floor are typically the most expensive. If you have no problems using the elevator to access your unit, however, you may be able to find a reduced rate on a higher floor.

Drive-up Storage

Drive-up units are outdoor units, all located on ground level, that you access by driving your vehicle right to the door of your unit. This makes it easy to load or unload your car or truck when moving or retrieving an item as you do not need to walk down a hallway or maneuver bulky items for more than a few feet. Drive-up units are typically more economical than indoor units, but they may or may not be climate-controlled and contents are not as well protected from pests and dust. As most units have no interior lighting, visits after dark typically require bringing your own portable light to find the items you need.

Different sizes of self storage outdoor units are available, but the largest ones at most facilities contain approximately the same storage capacity as a one-car garage. The majority have roll-up doors to maximize usable space and make it easier to move heavy items, such as refrigerators and washing machines, into and out of your unit.

Drive-up storage units are popular among homeowners for storing seasonal items, including lawn-care equipment, holiday decorations, patio furniture, storm windows and personal watercraft. These units are frequently used for temporary storage during a move. Businesses often store seldom-accessed records that must still be retained, extra equipment or slow-moving inventory.

In Summation

The type of unit you need primarily depends on what you will be storing and for how long as well as your local climate. Another factor to consider is whether you are willing or able to easily access an indoor unit. If you are not sure which type of unit is best for your needs, the property manager is an excellent source of guidance.