Houston Mini Storage Supplies

Finding the right solutions for storing excess furniture, equipment and personal goods Katy, Texas can be challenging. In most cases, packing and storing these items in a Katy climate controlled storage facility can provide optimal protection for personal possessions and can provide a more comfortable environment for loading and unloading. Proper packing and storage can preserve the longevity of these items and ensure that they are ready for use when they are needed again. Here are some tips on how to pack and store items safely in self storage facilities.

The Right Size for the Job

Selecting the right storage unit depends upon the number of items to be stored and the combined space needed. Small mini storage units are ideal for a few boxes, one or two items of furniture or as a convenient and safe location for seasonal decorations or sports equipment. Larger storage spaces can be used for full rooms of furniture, books and paperwork, antiques and other items that require added room for safekeeping. Choosing a storage unit that is too small can cause damage to fragile items due to stacking or pushing to make room. Paying for more storage space than is needed, however, can be an unnecessary drain on budget resources.

Boxing Items for Storage

Most storage facilities and moving companies sell boxes in bulk that are well suited for use in the modern storage unit. These boxes are sturdy and are typically rated to indicate their weight limits and tensile strengths, making them a better choice than boxes collected from friends and local businesses. Smaller boxes can be loaded with heavier items like books; larger boxes are intended for articles of clothing, household linens and other lightweight but bulky items. Boxes of books can typically be stacked safely. Avoid placing heavier items atop lighter ones inside the storage unit; over time, this can result in crushing of the items underneath. Taping boxes shut with durable packing tape and labeling them clearly can help protect the contents and provide added information when retrieving items and boxes from storage.

Antiques and Heirlooms

For fragile items, packing peanuts and bubble wrap can often provide a solid layer of protection against impacts and damage. Placing a layer of acid-free and non-reactive paper between the item and these plastic insulation materials can prevent chemical reactions and can preserve the finish of wooden furniture and delicate painted or varnished items. Avoid using newspaper to wrap items of value; the ink used to print these items can transfer easily and leave damaging marks on antiques and family heirlooms. For antique dishes and glassware, packing kits designed especially for these items can provide optimal protection against minor bumps during the moving and storage process.


For desks, chests of drawers and other items with opening or sliding parts, shrink wrap can be used to prevent unexpected shifts in weight during transport. By wrapping these items in shrink wrap prior to moving them into the storage unit, consumers can also protect edges and surfaces from minor scratches and scuffs en route to their destination. Climate control is of critical importance in preserving valuable antique furniture; extremes of heat and cold can cause warping that can significantly reduce the monetary value of these items. Low humidity levels can cause drying; much more serious, however, is the risk of warping due to high humidity levels in storage units without proper climate controls.

Added Protection

Most storage facilities take precautions against insect infestations and other unwanted visitors to their premises. Climate controls are especially effective against mold, mildew and other moisture-related problems. For even greater protection, however, purchasing inexpensive slipcovers and bags for furniture, mattresses, clothing and other items can keep insects out and keep these items safe and secure against the worst effects of moisture and insect intrusion.

By choosing the right packing materials and selecting a storage unit with climate controls, consumers can provide added protection for their valuable items and can ensure that their treasured personal possessions remain safe and in optimal condition when they are needed.