Houston Mini Storage Supplies

You need more space, but it is not possible to add a room to your Katy, Texas house or office building. A Katy mini storage unit is a great solution when you wish to clear your home or business of items that you are not currently using. It is also helpful when you need to store a large inventory for your business. Now that you have decided to obtain a self storage unit, you must keep in mind that there are items that are perfectly acceptable for storing in a facility, but there are also items that are prohibited.

Hazardous Materials

Generally, hazardous materials are not allowed because “inherently dangerous” materials fall under the list of things that can never be stored in a self storage facility. Some inherently dangerous materials are fertilizer, fireworks, weapons and ammunition, gasoline, illicit drugs, explosives, chemicals, cleaners, paint, grease, propane tanks, hazardous waste, toxic waste, biological waste, acid, motor oil, corrosives, lamp oil, compressed gas, kerosene oil, asbestos and products that contain asbestos.

Cars and Tires

You are permitted to store a vehicle if it is in working condition and is properly insured. It must also be properly registered.

Storing tires is also allowed, but you may be limited to storing four tires at one time.

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Samples

Sales representatives find that obtaining a climate controlled storage unit is a highly convenient way to keep a large inventory of medical supplies, equipment or pharmaceutical samples in one place. Most of these items will be accepted with the exception of equipment that is radioactive or contains materials of a radioactive nature.

Equipment Used in Construction

A mini storage unit gives people in construction a place to keep their equipment that is away from their homes or offices, and it is generally allowed in mini storage units. One exception is equipment that helps workers find underground water sources.

Animal Products and Other Food that Decomposes

If the food you are storing is canned, it is permissible. Foods that will not be allowed are those that can decompose, including meat, produce or cereal as these foods can attract rodents and other nuisances.

Random Forbidden Products

A climate controlled storage unit is not the place to keep live animals or dead ones for that matter. Managers of self storage facilities also do not allow contraband to be stored on the premises. You will not be allowed to live in the storage unit, so you will not be permitted to plug in refrigerators, generators, freezers or heaters.

Why There Are So Many Rules

The restrictions that mini storage facilities have are for your benefit and the benefit of the other tenants. For example, preventing people from storing combustible items ensures the safety of your stored items and anyone who is present on the property. Expect to be asked to sign a lease agreement that states that you will comply with the facility’s rules concerning what you can and cannot store.

Ensuring that You Are Only Storing Allowable Items

The list above is not an exhaustive one, and different self storage facilities have different rules and regulations concerning what can and cannot be stored on the property. Before you plan to store your items in a storage facility, a good idea is to make a list of what you will be putting into the unit. Then, take this list with you before you purchase the unit so that the managers can ensure that everything you wish to store is allowable. Even if you skip this step, you will be required to fully inform the managers of what you are placing in your storage unit. The employees at the storage facility can also tell you what you need to know over the phone.