Fairfield Mini Storage

Finding the perfect self-storage facility in Cypress, Texas does not have to be a confusing and complicated process. Whether you are relocating to a new place, downsizing or just need extra space, choosing the right Cypress self storage unit can make all the difference. Rather than rush into the first available option around the block, it can be a smart decision to assess your individual requirements, do some research, and make an educated decision. With a few helpful tips and guidelines, you will be well on your way to landing the most suitable self storage unit in the Houston area.

Get Realistic About Your Space Requirements
We often tend to underestimate or overestimate the amount of space that we will need for storage. Too big of a space can be a waste of money while too little might not serve its purpose. Take a complete stock of your items, and determine the ideal size of the mini storage unit that you would need. When you have very few items, consider using a smaller storage unit to save money.

Explore The Features Of The Storage Facility
If you are storing furniture, books, musical instruments or any other valuable items, a climate controlled storage unit can be your best choice. Rather than risk damage to your belongings, consider a self-storage facility that maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity all year around.

Accessibility And Location
If you are looking for a local storage facility, having it in close proximity to your home or office can be a great idea. You certainly do not want to drive a long distance to get to your storage unit. If you are on a budget or do not need to access your items often, consider using a facility that is further away from your location but offers a much better price. The prices for units, within the same location, can vary considerably based on their accessibility to the elevator and exits. Explore your various pricing options. Make a list of at least five different self storage facilities in your neighborhood, and decide on the one that will work best for you. Also, check out their business hours, and find out if you can access your unit during afterhours and weekends.

How Secure Is The Facility?
Find out if the storage unit has adequate security measures in place. Make sure that the facility is in a safe location. Many storage spaces have working cameras and high-tech locking systems for protection against intruders. Some storage companies also offer insurance for your goods. Learn about your options in the event of an unexpected occurrence, such as a fire or storm. Pest control is another important requirement for a storage facility. Rather than risk losing your precious items to rodents and pests, ensure that the facility is thoroughly exterminated on a regular basis.

Maintenance And On-Site Facilities
Professional self-storage facilities are typically very well maintained and clean. Inspect the premises before you decide. Many storage facilities carry on-site packing supplies and moving help available, often at a reasonable price. Some storage companies also offer additional paid services and amenities, such as courier holding, moving truck services and so on. Having convenient access to boxes, tapes and even a helping hand can be tremendously useful when you are relocating your possessions.

Know Your Contract
Avoid making an expensive mistake with your storage contract. Read your contract thoroughly. Learn more about what exactly you will be receiving for your money. Find out about the discounts that are available to long-term contract holders. Opt for a month-to-month plan if you are indecisive about the storage period. Never sign a contract until you are fully convinced that you have made the right choice.