Houston Mini Storage - Moving Box

Katy self storage units can be extremely versatile tools in the suburban Houston area. There is no need to keep your home or office cluttered with materials you do not need immediately, even if you might want access to them from time to time.

A well-ordered Katy mini storage unit will allow you to easily get what you need, transforming that storage space from an oversize junk drawer into an efficient, organized storehouse that you can access any time. If you have a lot of things and not much room, such a resource will be well worth the time to do it properly.

Know What You Want to Store and Where to Store it

Planning is absolutely essential. This means more than just looking around and deciding what to put away. Organize and label before you pack up a single box.

Consider these questions:

What will you not need for a long time? Put them in the back of the unit. This frees up front space for things you will want to access more often, which translates into less digging.

What are you going to need the most? Make sure these items go in front. Getting to them will be a simple matter of going to the facility, opening up the unit, and grabbing them.

Which objects are the heaviest, and which are the lightest? This is an important consideration when stacking. Do not wait until you get to the facility to decide where everything will go. Know ahead of time and create a diagram of what is where.

How much space will everything take up? Do not rent a unit without knowing this first. Maybe a mini storage unit will do, or maybe you will need something much larger. Consider something with a little extra room, which will allow you to add more at a later date and to maneuver more easily inside. But do not pay for space you are never going to use.

Does anything need special consideration? Some items, such as electronic equipment, clothes, plastics, photographs and artwork, will require a climate controlled storage unit. If you do not consider this first, you might choose the wrong kind of self storage space.

Pack Everything According to Plan, with Protection in Mind

The most important rule is to label everything, so you can find whatever you are looking for quickly, no matter how long ago the self storage unit was filled. Here are some other tips for getting ready for the transfer to storage:

Put as much as you can into boxes to protect the items from dust. Fill up every box, even if you need to use filler such as foam peanuts. Empty space means that objects inside may shift and break or become disorganized. Wrap up anything fragile, preferably with bubble wrap. Books and binders should be stacked flat in order to avoid damage to their spines.

If something is too big to fit into a box, protect it with bags or sheets. Give wooden items a coat of furniture polish, and wipe down metal with oil. Large appliances storage such as ovens or refrigerators have exposed areas in the back; cover these so pests will not get in.

If something is too heavy or complicated to move yourself, get professional help. Do not risk damaging your belongings by trying to do it all yourself.

Follow your plan while unpacking.

At this point, everything should be clearly labeled and safely packed, and you should have a strategy for where everything will go. If so, the process of actually putting your objects in the unit becomes the simplest step. Follow your plan, making sure that the things you will need the most are also the easiest to access and that anything fragile is in a safe spot. You will thank yourself for having carefully planned everything ahead of time.