climate-controlled-storageIf you only use clothing or holiday items for a couple of months each year your best bet is to carefully pack and store them for the rest of the year so they are not taking up valuable space that can be use for clothing and items you use on a regular basis. It depends on the storage space you have available in your home but climate controlled storage facilities in Katy, Texas are an excellent option. It is best to store your seasonal items in one self storage location so you can easily find them.

Thoroughly clean all items before you put them in a Katy self storage facility. Particles left on cloth can cause stains that can become difficult if not impossible to remove after several months of storage. Clean clothing will also not attract insects that can otherwise create their own problems.

Package your items by the season or holiday so you can find them when you need them. Depending on the number of items and the quantity and size of the items, you can store each season in their own separate box or you can group things in smaller boxes or bags within a larger container. Clearly label each container to help organize how you store them and so you can find them when you need them.

While you are organizing and packing items for storage, this is a perfect time to get rid of clothing or holiday decorations you did not use this year. Be honest with yourself, what was the reason the item was not used? Was it replaced by something new? Would you use it next year? If the answer is no it is time to purge.

Choose a mini storage facility for storing seasonal clothing and items that is close to your home and not too hard to get to. We are all busy people, and while it is nice to have decorations and clothing for different seasons, it can become too much of an effort to get them out every year if they are not conveniently available.

Regularly check on your stored items to make sure there are no issues. Carefully inspect your storage containers for cracks, stains, or any type of damage. When you are ready to get your clothing out of storage, clean them before wear them. When you are ready to store items again, make sure your storage containers are in good shape.