Houston Mini Storage Supplies

Mini Storage Units…..just how “mini” are they? A 5x5x10′ self storage unit at one of our locations can store any number for items. These units are extremely popular, especially with those wanting to store seasonal clothes. With a little creativity and some packing tips from our specialists in the office, you’d be amazed how many boxes you can get in a 5×5′ mini storage unit.

When packing to store in a small unit, it’s always best to pack in square boxes or wardrobe boxes that can be packed. Sometimes it is necessary to brace wardrobe boxes with a 2×4 cut to fit for a little extra “stacking” protection. Since wardrobes is a basically a box with a rod across the top, they are usually not stuffed/packed like you would a moving box. Our suggestion would be to use moving boxes for items that can be folded, and wardrobes for things that need to hang, like dresses and suits.

It can be tricky to pack into a 5×5′ self storage unit, but it can also be a game. Square boxes are always better because they are easy to stack and the corners fit together well. When packing into a small mini storage unit, the heavy boxes ALWAYS go on the bottom as they will crush anything they are set on top of.

The easiest way to pack, is to pack everything THEN move it in. This way you know exactly what you have, what’s the heaviest, what will collapse if something is put on top and so on. Marking all boxes is a must as well. Consider numbering/labeling boxes in a manner that corresponds with a spreadsheet of contents. If you have to find something , you at least know which box you are hunting for as it can be cumbersome to unstack and restack your unit.

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