Langham Creek Mini Storage

If you want to increase the capacity of your living space without building an addition onto your home, a self storage unit may be the solution. A private storage space is no longer a temporary option; more and more homeowners are renting from storage facilities indefinitely. Whether you want to add space to your home, eliminate the clutter or protect your precious possessions, you can benefit from using a storage unit.

The Benefits of Using a Storage Facility

One of the main advantages of leasing a storage unit is the convenience. When you lease from a reliable facility, you are in control of how long you rent for as well as how large the space is. You can choose a mini storage unit that holds smaller items in order to scale down your displayed possessions, or you can opt for a larger unit to store your vehicle or furniture. Keeping your belongings in a secured facility is often safer than storing them at your residence.

In many cases, homeowners decide to renovate or relocate when they run out of room. Self storage is a more affordable solution to this problem. Revamping your home or moving to a larger one can be expensive and time consuming. With a larger home comes a higher tax bill, additional maintenance requirements and more monthly expenses. By placing your personal effects in a storage unit, you can save money and protect your family budget.

The Various Purposes of a Storage Unit

Storage units come in a variety of sizes. You can choose a mini storage space that is 5 square feet, or you may require a larger unit that measures 12 feet by 35 feet. Regardless of the size you need, you can keep virtually anything in a storage unit. Store your car, motorcycle, RV or lawn equipment in a larger space, and keep seasonal items, clothing, children’s toys, files or furniture in small to mid-size units.

If you store your property at a reputable facility, you can rest assured the items will be safe. Security features such as video surveillance and coded entry gates will keep your possessions secure 24 hours a day. This makes self storage the ideal way to protect your expensive electronics, collectibles, antiques, artwork or jewelry. Important documents will be secure as well, so you can eliminate the worry of safeguarding your personal records at home.

The Need for Climate Controlled Storage

Exceedingly cold or hot temperatures can damage many items. If you live in an area that has extreme climates, you may benefit greatly from renting a climate controlled storage unit. This type of storage space maintains a steady temperature regardless of the season. Keeping your valuables in a controlled environment may prevent them from decaying, rusting, cracking, fading or warping.

Because the air in a self storage unit stays within the proper temperature range, it will hinder the growth of mildew, mold and bacteria on stored items. Climate control essentially maintains the condition of the stored items, so this type of storage is perfect for priceless, cherished or valuable possessions.

Items you may want to store in a climate controlled facility include:

  • Photographs
  • Books
  • Instruments
  • Important Paperwork/Documents
  • Artwork
  • Heirlooms
  • Electronics

A well-maintained temperature controlled storage unit is ideal for maximizing your personal living space while protecting your belongings. Whether you need temporary storage or you want to create a long-term extension of your property, a storage facility will get you organized quickly. Self storage is a simple, affordable, convenient and safe way to expand your living space so that you and your family can live comfortably.