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Military members know that, as part of their job, they may be required to move quite often during their enlistment. It is not uncommon for soldiers and their families to move dozens of times before they are discharged from the military. As hectic as these moves may be, services like those found with at a […]


Using a Katy or Cypress self storage facility is so convenient that you might be tempted to just shovel everything into boxes. That would be a mistake; Kay and Cypress mini storage is a great way to free up room in your home or apartment, but it is not exactly the same as having your […]


Moving is a stressful event almost any way that you look at it, but a local move is not as difficult as one that takes you across country. Instead of packing everything for shipment, consider moving only the essential things initially. Renting a unit at a Houston, Spring Branch, Katy or Cypress mini storage facility […]


Antique car buffs, jet-setting travelers and snow bunnies headed for Florida often have one thing in common: the need to put an automobile temporarily in storage. They also need to know that when they return, their cars will still run properly. There are right and wrong ways to prepare a car for storage. These tips […]


Renting a Katy self storage unit was pretty straightforward. You checked out the facility, read the contract and find out how the security works. You even have a high quality padlock. Did you miss anything? What about insurance? Using self storage is not the same as keeping things in the garage at home. You are […]


It’s moving time, and you have corralled willing friends or employees to help you move. You have secured a greater Houston-area storage unit to accommodate your household or commercial items, whether at a Katy self storage or Cypress mini storage unit. Now you just need to find boxes and packing materials to ensure the safety […]


If you plan to place your boat in a Katy mini storage facility, there are a few things you should know to keep it in optimum condition. Proper storage is just as important as proper maintenance is when using your watercraft during the summer months. The following boat storage tips will help you take better […]


Finding the right solutions for storing excess furniture, equipment and personal goods Katy, Texas can be challenging. In most cases, packing and storing these items in a Katy climate controlled storage facility can provide optimal protection for personal possessions and can provide a more comfortable environment for loading and unloading. Proper packing and storage can […]


Finding the right storage solutions to maintain the condition and safety of your valued possessions can be challenging, especially in areas that experience wide variances in temperature throughout the year like Cypress, Texas. In many cases, climate controlled storage facilities can provide added protection against temperature changes and high humidity while allowing you to enjoy […]