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How to Protect Dishes and Glassware When Packing for Storage or the Big Move

Whether you are boxing up your fine china for a trip to your Katy climate controlled storage facility or packing up all your dishes for a move across the city, state or country, making sure these items are protected against breakage on the way can save you time and money. Here are some of the […]


Time Management Tips for Moving Items to Your Katy Self Storage Unit

Using your time efficiently can help you manage a wider array of tasks and can leave you some breathing room to relax and enjoy a little downtime while preparing for a big move. Planning your trips to your Katy self storage facility can help you organize your boxes and deal with unwanted items more effectively. […]


Getting rid of some of the clutter in your garage before the chill of winter sets in can help you enjoy a cleaner and more streamlined experience in this essential area of your home. Storing equipment and tools needed for summer in your Katy climate controlled storage unit can be a good first step in […]


If you are planning to update your home’s décor or to replace some of your older furnishings, finding the right storage solutions for items you still want can provide you with added peace of mind when managing space issues inside your home. Your local Cypress self storage facility can provide you with a little extra […]


Your family photos are heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation to create a sense of history for your children and grandchildren. Making sure that your photographs and negatives are stored safely and preserved in the proper way can help you hold on to your memories for a very long time. Your […]


As summer draws to a close, you may be ready to retrieve your winter sweaters from your Cypress self storage unit and to put away the lighter summer wear for the year. Storing these items properly can extend their useful life and can provide you with many years of enjoyment from these products. Here are […]


Finding the right solution for your family’s Katy self storage needs can help you declutter your home and can provide you with added flexibility when dealing with seasonal items like holiday decorations and sports equipment. Understanding the differences between drive-up storage solutions and indoor units can help you make the right choice when balancing convenience […]


If you are a college student who is heading home for summer vacation, you probably have numerous boxes of possessions that you will need to store until your fall term begins. A Katy self storage unit is the perfect place for college student storage until you need them. They are available for short- or long-term […]


Proper Wine Storage Tips

If you are a wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, a Katy self storage facility that specializes in wine storage is the perfect place to keep your growing collection. Off-site storage gives you more space for your treasures and protects each bottle from natural enemies like heat, light and low humidity. Follow these wine storage […]